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Create a green printing industry chain and promote the transformation of green printing

[China Packaging News] the printing industry is closely related to people's daily life. Everyone has to contact a large number of printing products every day, especially publications for children, as well as the packaging of food and drugs. Therefore, the implementation of green printing is the main theme of development

recently, it has been circulated that tearing milk bags with your mouth for a long time is prone to lead poisoning, but in fact, this topic was raised last year. However, some experts said that at present, the printing of bagged milk basically uses environmental friendly ink, which is almost free of heavy money such as lead. The progress made at present is also exciting, but it does not rule out that some enterprises still use traditional ink to print and locate inaccurate production dates. Regardless of this statement, green printing is indeed the focus of the harmonious development of the times

however, how should printing enterprises shoulder the heavy responsibility of environmental protection? On the one hand, green printing has no perfect protective effect, which can avoid the problem of rising costs. On the other hand, the publication printing sector, which has a lot of profit space, as well as the growing packaging printing sector, on-demand printing, cloud printing and other digital printing sectors, have also returned economic benefits to enterprises

it is reported that at present, major publishing houses, especially textbook publishing units, have carried out in-depth implementation of green printing. In addition to environmental protection paper, environmental protection ink, environmental protection plate and other environmental protection raw materials, whether to adopt CTP, on-demand printing and other energy-saving and emission reduction digital technologies has gradually become an important threshold for publishing houses to select printing enterprises

environmental friendly printing materials and production technology are the premise of green printing. Our company produces experimental machines with strict quality, and the product content is also crucial. Culture and design are the soul of excellent products. Integrating creativity gives products added value. In other words, the implementation of green printing requires not only the high attention of raw material suppliers, but also the careful planning of the design department, so that printing enterprises can complete this process

the participation of different industries has created a green printing industry chain. At this time, we should also focus on strengthening green quality inspection. So as to create a green printing mode based on health, low carbon and environmental protection

vigorously developing green printing and green packaging is the essential requirement of developing circular economy. The printing industry should understand it from a strategic height and further promote the transformation of the whole industry to green printing

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