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Condense the "water and gas" governance, build a multi-dimensional environmental protection system in Shaanxi, strictly control the production capacity of "two high" industries, strengthen the comprehensive treatment of "scattered pollution" enterprises, explore the basin ecological compensation mechanism, strictly control the lifeline of ecological environment monitoring, and establish a "who enforces the law, who popularizes the law" universal legal system... All environmental protection policies in Shaanxi Province are being strictly implemented

to win the battle of pollution prevention and control, we should start from the actions and achievements of major cities. On October 23, 2018, this stop entered Shaanxi Province

blue sky defense war

Shaanxi Province issued the three-year action plan for Shaanxi Province to fight haze with an iron fist and win the blue sky Defense War (2018-2020), and then issued the three-year action plan for Shaanxi Province to fight haze with an iron fist and win the blue sky Defense War (2018-2020) (Revised), committed to comprehensively improving the action plan for air pollution prevention and control in Shaanxi Province

it is reported that the goal of Shaanxi Province is that by 2020, the ratio of excellent days divided into districts and cities in the province should meet the national target, and the ratio of days with severe pollution and above should be reduced by more than 25% compared with 2015. Meanwhile, PM2.5, nitrogen dioxide, PM10, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone and other indicators should be improved according to the standard

in the future, Shaanxi Province will also work hard in optimizing the industrial layout, strictly controlling the production capacity of the "two high" industries, building a vertical and horizontal network of green transportation, strictly controlling the emission of pollutants, heavily dealing with non-point source pollution, and taking joint prevention and control measures. In general, it is to accelerate the replacement of production capacity, develop a green economy, and strengthen environmental protection law enforcement and supervision

specifically, Shaanxi Province will formulate a work plan for the withdrawal of enterprises in high energy consumption and high emission industries in Guanzhong region, focusing on reducing the production capacity of enterprises in cement, coking, petroleum, chemical industry, coal chemical industry, ceramics, thermal insulation materials and other industries; Strengthen the comprehensive renovation of "scattered and polluted" enterprises; Further promote the treatment of loose coal and the replacement of clean energy; Develop multimodal transport and Guanzhong intercity rail transit; Promote the pollution control of motor cars with high emissions that affect the appearance and performance of materials; Building urban greenways and greenways; Strengthen the comprehensive treatment of road dust; Carry out special law enforcement actions for VOCs remediation...

clear water battle

speaking of water treatment, Shaanxi Province has seen remarkable results in water pollution prevention and control in recent years. According to the recent water environment quality test results in September, it has improved compared with the same period of last year. According to the report released by Shaanxi Provincial Department of environmental protection, the overall water quality of rivers in the province was good in September, with a large protrusion compared with the 5.5 lead screw Zui: 450mm; In the same period of the year, the proportion of class I to class III water quality sections increased by 13.1 percentage points

the report also analyzed the water quality of the provincial river head system rivers in September. The water quality of the main stream of the Weihe River was good, which was improved compared with the same period last year; The water quality of the main stream of Han River and Danjiang River is excellent, and there is no obvious change in water quality; The Shaanxi section of the main stream of the Yellow River has excellent water quality, which has improved compared with the same period last year

this also proves that the measures taken by Shaanxi Province in the comprehensive treatment of water pollution, such as hard work, crackdown and ecological compensation, have been effective. On October 18, the State Council approved the "Hanjiang river ecological economic belt development plan", which provided a development opportunity for Shaanxi Province to implement water ecological environment protection and governance

in order to control the lifeline of ecological environment monitoring, Shaanxi Province issued the three-year action plan for quality supervision and inspection of ecological environment monitoring (2018-2020). For the ecological environment inspection institutions and motor vehicle inspection institutions that have obtained qualification certificates in the province, special inspections such as the validity period of qualification and the scope of monitoring capacity, the verification and calibration of instruments and equipment, and the use of reference materials will be carried out, and data tampering, forgery of ecological environment monitoring data and other acts will be seriously investigated and dealt with

in the past half century, Hu Minglang, the vice governor of Shaanxi Province, has made it clear that the province should improve the awareness of the environmental protection system, enhance the sense of law popularization, strengthen the popularization and publicity of environmental protection laws and regulations, implement the "who enforces the law, who popularizes the law", establish a list of law popularization, interpret the law by case and other systems, and resolutely fight the four major defense wars of sky, clear water, pure land and Castle Peak during the expansion of blue Li battery capacity

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