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Build strong smart electricity to serve the development of modern society

the national power company has made arrangements and deployment for the construction of unified strong smart electricity. Combined with the actual situation of Shandong Yantai power supply company, we believe that we should further deepen our understanding of the construction of unified and strong smart electricity, take the construction of pilot substation of life cycle management as an opportunity, pay attention to improving the intelligent level of electricity, and spare no effort to promote the construction of "31012" project, so as to create a strong and stable modern electricity to meet the needs of social development

take the construction of full-life substation as an opportunity to identify the "short board" and improve the level of electrical equipment

Yantai power is still a typical receiving power at present, and the connection with the province is relatively weak. The contradiction between the rapid growth of the load in the five districts of Yantai and the tense power transmission channels in the five districts is becoming increasingly prominent. One of the most important standards for modeling products is that they will not peel off. Under peak load and special operation mode, it can not meet the power transmission demand of the Fifth District. Moreover, Yantai has special geographical conditions, frequent natural disasters such as snowstorms, and the current power situation is still weak

at the beginning of this year, Yantai power supply company undertook the construction of the pilot substation of life-cycle management of State Grid Corporation of China. It managed and optimized the whole system, the whole process and the whole cost in the early stage of the project planning, scheme design, equipment procurement, construction and installation, operation and maintenance, recycling and other stages, reasonably applied the new technological achievements of power construction, promoted the upgrading of power technology, and realized the safety, stability and reliable operation of power

Yantai power supply company has set up a special engineering construction leading group to make specific arrangements for the engineering construction, give full play to its advantages of rich experience in equipment operation and management, organize production, maintenance, operation professionals to make statistics and analysis for major equipment such as transformers and GIS, find out the key "weaknesses" that affect the operating life of equipment, analyze them item by item, and put forward solutions. At present, on the basis of full discussion and communication with the technical personnel of the design unit and the manufacturer, Yantai power supply company has formed the construction concept of "8 small and 15 large +30" (8-year minor repair, 15 year overhaul, and 30-year operation life) of the equipment, and has completed the preparation and submission of the technical specifications of the equipment of the project, and the first phase of the task has been successfully completed

Yantai power supply company focuses on the construction of life-cycle management substations, comprehensively improves the level of electrical equipment, and lays a solid material foundation for intelligent electricity; Adhere to the principle of coordinated development of electricity at all levels, comprehensively optimize and improve the electricity development plan, and guide the plan with the plan; Build a strong 500 kV power main frame, strengthen and improve the 220 kV power in the region, increase the distribution of substations, and realize layered and partitioned power supply; Focus on the development of power distribution, realize the coordinated development of power transmission and distribution, and meet the power demand of urban and rural economic and social development and residents' life

adhere to people-oriented, take the construction of smart electricity as the goal, and constantly innovate the management mode

when the power cord is at the midpoint of its journey, the core of the scientific development concept is people-oriented. The building of unified and strong smart electricity proposed by the State Grid Corporation of China is also a good embodiment of adhering to people-oriented and fulfilling the society. The construction of smart electricity is a method to reduce the waste of human resources, avoid repeated invalid operations, shorten maintenance time and a series of work methods, which plays a great role in the rational use of resources and improving the enthusiasm of personnel

in recent years, Yantai power supply company has adhered to the training idea of "invigorating enterprises with science and technology and establishing businesses with talents", striving to realize the transformation from "single academic education to compound training". Smart electricity will create conditions to stimulate people's maximum potential and enable employees to realize their self-worth in the process of realizing the overall goals of the enterprise. It is the fundamental place for us to implement the humanistic management law

as an open coastal city, Yantai has maintained a strong momentum of rapid economic growth and good benefits in recent years. Under the situation of rapid economic development and rising power load, Yantai power basically meets the needs of the city's economic development and the continuous growth of people's living electricity

smart electricity also puts forward higher requirements for our high-quality service. In the service, we will further optimize the service process, expand service functions, and improve the refinement level of service work; Establish a normal communication mechanism, actively strengthen communication with Party committees, governments at all levels and all sectors of society, strive for understanding and support, and optimize the power development environment; It is found that the roof leakage rate of residential buildings across the country is more than 95%, and the power consumption schemes of different production modes such as "three starts and four stops" are formulated for enterprises, so as to improve the planned and scientific power consumption level of enterprises and meet the power demand of local economic growth to the greatest extent

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