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With the rapid development of industrial technology, China's economy has been greatly improved and people's living standards have been improved. However, it has also brought many negative effects, such as the environment. The residual wastewater and exhaust gas from industrial production are discharged into rivers and the air, causing a lot of rivers, air pollution and greenhouse effect. Environmental protection is mentioned again in the 12th Five Year Plan. In order to maintain our home, low-carbon environmental protection action is really imperative. After the appearance of exterior wall insulation materials, China's environmental protection action has been greatly confirmed

in the low-carbon environmental protection action, polyurethane rigid foam plays an important role. It has the function of one material with multiple functions. It is a better material for the production of exterior wall insulation materials. It has many functions, such as heat preservation, waterproof, sound insulation, vibration absorption and so on. This material is the insulation material with the lowest thermal conductivity of 0.024 and the highest thermal resistance among all domestic building materials at present, and its thermal conductivity is only half of that of EPS foamed polystyrene board. Polyurethane rigid foam has continuous and dense skin and close to 100% high-strength interconnected wall closed pores, which has ideal impermeability. Spraying construction can achieve continuous waterproof insulation layer without joints, forming a seamless roof and an overall external wall insulation shell, with excellent waterproof and impermeability performance. Its super strong self-adhesive performance can be firmly bonded with the roof and external walls, with good wind resistance and compression resistance

the ultimate purpose of the external wall insulation material is to keep the indoor temperature stable, which will not be lost and will not be affected by the external air. It is hot in summer, and every household will turn on the air conditioner. If there is no external wall insulation material, the indoor low-temperature air will be lost quickly, There is no doubt that the China graphene modified fiber and utilization development industry development alliance, led by Jinan Shengquan Group Co., Ltd., has been established in October. Power consumption will cause a waste of resources in the long run. Therefore, low-carbon environmental protection action is a long-term project, which must be done bit by bit in life

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