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Above the paddies, create a mechanized landscape

nowadays, mechanized planting and harvesting have become a scenic spot for farmers to grow paddy fields. In this beautiful picture, from time to time, we can also see the "face of Changsha" - agricultural machinery from Zoomlion, Sany Heavy Industry and other enterprises have become the "right-hand helper" of farmers

over the years, the development of agricultural machinery in Changsha has experienced the stages from import to domestic substitution, from being able to use easily, from man-machine cooperation to intelligent agricultural machinery and unmanned, which can be called a regional history of Chinese agricultural machinery

a Changsha enterprises have become rising stars

compared with European and American countries, although China is a large agricultural country, the large-scale application of agricultural machinery is relatively late. It was not until 1980 that China began to focus on the mechanical harvesting of wheat to promote the whole process mechanization of wheat production, and wheat has become the first kind to realize the whole process mechanization among the three major grain crops

the country's top-down approach has prompted and bred a broad demand market for agricultural machinery, and a number of cities and enterprises have introduced new technologies and created new brands

nationwide, three major agricultural machinery production and manufacturing bases, mainly in Luoyang, Henan, Weifang, Shandong and Changzhou, Jiangsu, have taken shape

Changsha is a rising star in this territory. It is dominated by large equipment enterprises to develop new business sectors, mainly represented by Zoomlion Heavy Industry, Sany Heavy Industry, railway construction heavy industry and Tianye intelligence

among Changsha enterprises, Zoomlion entered the agricultural machinery track at the earliest time - in 2013, Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, announced that it would enter the agricultural machinery industry

subsequently, Zoomlion gained a firm foothold with high starting point and high technology. Up to now, Zoomlion agricultural machinery business has basically covered the whole production process of breeding, land preparation, sowing, field management, harvesting, drying and storage of major domestic crops

the data shows that in the first half of 2019, Zoomlion dryer won the sales champion in the domestic market, and the domestic market share of wheat machine and sugarcane machine products ranked second in the industry

b is emerging in the intelligent agricultural machinery market

after decades of development, the trend of full mechanization of crops in China has become increasingly obvious, and the demand for medium and high-end agricultural machinery has surged, especially the promotion and application of intelligent agricultural machinery, which is an emerging blue ocean market

however, China's intelligent agricultural machinery started relatively late, and foreign agricultural machinery brands account for 80% of China's high-end agricultural machinery market, which is undoubtedly another tough battle

with the vigorous development of new generation technologies such as industrial interconnection and artificial intelligence, it is possible for China's smart agricultural machinery to change lanes and overtake

Zoomlion, which started the earliest, has achieved a new breakthrough in this field by integrating global resources and synchronizing global technology:

and time and strength are a great loss to us.

in October 2015, Zoomlion's intercontinental platform product zs1354 tractor was launched worldwide, marking the official launch of the first high-end agricultural machinery product jointly launched by Zoomlion's European and American research institutes

at the same time, Zoomlion signed a contract with ZF, DEUTZ, Bosch Rexroth, Carraro and other top agricultural machinery parts suppliers in the world to measure the deformation of composite laminates. There are optional video optical extensometers with high resolution, high accuracy and fast image acquisition speed, which can greatly facilitate and improve the work efficiency Selection of fixture: a successful clamping solution requires that the sample will not slide and will not cause clip breakage. A cooperation agreement is needed to carry out all-round cooperation in the R & D and manufacturing fields of engine, gearbox, transmission system, hydraulic system and other parts

in the same year, Sany Heavy Industry officially launched the high-end agricultural machinery industry and launched a hydraulic overturning plough for Xinjiang cotton field operation. This product can greatly save tractor fuel consumption, reduce costs and improve operation efficiency

China railway construction heavy industry, which has been deeply cultivated in the shield field for many years, has also targeted the development direction of emerging industry business at high-end agricultural machinery products

in September, 2018, the first high-end intelligent six line cotton picker of China railway construction heavy industry was rolled off the production line in Xinjiang, marking the beginning of breaking the decades long monopoly of foreign brands on equipment and technology in this field

it is learned that the cotton picker has six functions, including new cotton picker, one click cotton unloading, fault detection and early warning, reverse image, fire sprinkler system, near electric induction and anti electric shock, and its main performance has reached the level of international mainstream high-end cotton pickers

in the intelligent agricultural machinery market, Changsha began to emerge

c carry out unmanned exploration in multiple links

with the continuous improvement of large-scale planting and the level of whole process mechanization, the unmanned trend of agricultural machinery is becoming more and more obvious. Changsha enterprises have made bold explorations in harvesting, plant protection and ploughing

in June 2018, Zoomlion driverless grain harvester went down to work. This is China's first driverless harvester, which can realize navigation and operation functions based on path planning

according to the relevant person in charge of Zoomlion Heavy Industry, the operation speed of the header and drum of this model can be adjusted automatically. It has the characteristics of high intelligence, simple operation, diverse and flexible working modes, straight driving path and small trajectory deviation. The realization of these functions is attributed to Zoomlion's active promotion of the application and development of new technologies such as sensor detection, automatic control and interconnection in the field of agricultural machinery and equipment in recent years

there is no doubt that with the rise of labor costs and the refinement of crop cultivation, the production and sales of driverless new energy vehicles in China are expected to exceed 700000 in 2017, which will be even broader

as a start-up in Changsha, Tianye intelligent surprised everyone last year. In April 2019, the first driverless tractor in Hunan developed by fieldwork intelligence completed its road test and was put into the market. Unlike traditional tractors, this unmanned tractor is powered by electricity

Tian ye, deputy general manager of Tian Ye intelligence, said in an interview that this unmanned tractor has the function of automatically planning the operation path and massive storage, which can avoid the phenomenon of missed tillage and heavy tillage, and the operation time is not limited by climate, terrain and so on. People can work 24 hours without stopping, so as to improve efficiency and truly realize independent and precision agricultural production

"after twoorthree years of updating and iteration, it gradually changes from electric remote control to assisted driving, and then to fully realize intelligent driving." The field is full of confidence in the future of new products

it can be expected that with the development of new technology, agricultural machinery will become more intelligent and unmanned will become a new trend. On this road, Changsha enterprises are running with all their strength

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