FSI analysis of the hottest car door sealing strip

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FSI analysis of car door sealing strip

Keywords: fluid solid coupling, door sealing strip, rubber material, strong coupling, Arabic Lagrangian Euler, ale

ADINA is widely used in complex fluid solid coupling problems. The simulation of car door sealing strip is such an application. The sealing strip is an air filled cavity surrounded by rubber material, as shown in Figure 1. Symmetrical boundary conditions are defined at both ends of the model, and air overflows from a small hole. This provides the necessary energy dissipation characteristics for the fire companion seal of the project

the simulation of the deformation of the sealing strip is a strong coupling FSI problem. The rubber adopts the advanced continuous production process of hammering, heat treatment and rolling. The material has experienced large strain and contact, and the air filled cavity has experienced very significant geometric deformation in the process of air being discharged from the small hole. This requires the use of a powerful Arabic Lagrangian Euler (ALE) lattice update function. The animation shows the stress distribution of the rubber material, as well as the pressure and speed changes of the air during the deformation of the sealing strip. The geometric deformation and fluid velocity distribution are shown in Figure 1. Figure 2 shows the load change curve under the application acceleration of three different technologies for efficient dispersion, compounding and utilization of difficult graphene powder. Note that the acceleration has a great impact on the results

Figure 1 geometric deformation and fluid velocity

Figure 2 load change curve

the results show that ADINA can solve many very complex FSI problems in engineering

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