Fuel oil of the hottest Liangmao futures plummeted

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Liangmao Futures: fuel oil plummeted unilaterally, temporarily wait and see

Shanghai oil opened higher and lower today, with the main force of 812 at 4147 yuan/ton. After the opening, the price rose slightly to the highest point of the day, which was conducive to reducing the activity resistance point of the channel. After 4148 yuan, it fell all the way down, as low as 3870 yuan/ton. After noon, it maintained shock consolidation, and finally closed at 3946 yuan/ton, down 56 yuan from yesterday, or 1.40%. Throughout the day, it increased its position and volume, Both long and short positions are strongly willing to close

crude oil futures prices on the New York Mercantile Futures Exchange (NYMEX) rebounded strongly by more than $6 on Wednesday, as the dollar fell against the euro and traders reassessed data showing a sharp decline in crude oil and gasoline inventories. Inventory data released by the American Energy Information Association (IEA) showed that crude oil inventories fell 6.3 million barrels to 291.7 billion barrels last week, the fourth consecutive decline

in the domestic spot market, the prices of major fuel oil markets are temporarily stable, but the market trading is clear and the sales are sluggish

influenced by the decline of the US dollar against the euro and the trend of overnight crude oil, Shanghai oil opened sharply higher today. However, the trend of Shanghai oil fell all the way due to the impact of domestic commodity futures, hitting a new low without complaining again, showing its weakness. Today, the Mexican government said that due to bad weather, it closed the oil export port in the southern state of Veracruz. The risks in the international financial market have intensified, and the people are distracted. The short-term market has entered a crazy state. Good and bad news exist at the same time. The trend of oil prices remains to be seen. Investors are advised to pay attention to risk control and wait and see for the time being

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