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Looking at the company from a panel perspective: is Sony turning to Apple mode

readers must be confused about this topic. What is the panel angle? Why is it that Sony is turning to Apple mode? First, let's explain the panel perspective, because the three companies to be discussed in this article, Sony, Samsung and apple, are closely related to LCD panels. Sony originally had its own panel production factory, but due to the sluggish TV business, it gradually stripped off the panel production business and shifted from production to procurement; Samsung still maintains its own panel production line. Although it also purchases panels from outside, it still maintains a closed ecosystem; Apple has never been involved in panel production, but its main products, whether tablets or smart watches and TVs that may be launched in the future, and items that can log in 100 product names, are inseparable from display and are very important panel buyers

therefore, this article is definitely not to analyze the similarities and differences of the three companies from the perspective of company structure and product composition, but from the change of the three companies' attitude towards panel production to see the strategic changes of the three companies in the future, which can be regarded as a glimpse of the leopard in the tube. Although it can not fully reflect the whole state of the three companies, it is still promising to see a little way

what Sony said here is turning to Apple mode does not mean that Sony will also start to vigorously develop products such as tablets and notebooks. On the contrary, Sony has stripped away its notebook production business, and its TV business is also being adjusted. The main thing to say here is that Sony no longer focuses on hardware research and development, but mainly on marketing, system and integration. Compared with Sony, Samsung is a complex 12 Host power: exchange servo motor drive system, and apple has not focused on the development of technology. The research of new technology will be done by others, but if I use computers to integrate applications, this is Apple's basic strategy

then we can start with the strategy of panel production in combination with local advantageous resources to see how the three companies have come all the way, especially Sony and Samsung, which were once the largest rival manufacturers of LCD panel production. Now the smoke of the past has disappeared, but who will dominate the ups and downs in the future is still unknown

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