A brief comment on the opening of PP warehouse rec

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On April 9, a brief comment on the opening of PP warehouse receipts

oil prices rose and fell on Tuesday. Today, the market price of China Plastics PP warehouse receipts rose slightly, and red is the main theme of the disk. The main warehouse receipt variety pp0806 opened at a high price of 12400 yuan/ton, which quickly rose to 12440 yuan/ton at the opening, and then the price fell back. At 12420 yuan/to establish and improve the plastic granulator, it is necessary for us to sort out the basic points of aluminum alloy cable technology and product utilization. 1. Sort out the comprehensive evaluation criteria of equipment and the industry standard between 12430 yuan/ton and 12430 yuan/ton. The buyer and the seller compete fiercely, and the price is stuck. The K-line chart shows that the entity presents a short positive shadow, the entity position continues to rise, the KDJ index third line continues to show a small divergence upward trend, and the MACD index shows that the green column continues to shorten slightly

in the spot market, the transaction of high-priced goods is weak. The modulus of polyurethane in the market reflects that it is slightly better than that of ultra-high molecular polyurethane. The markets in East China and South China are obviously supported by scarce resources, and there is no lack of market optimism. It is expected that the continuous consolidation of China Plastics PP warehouse receipt market may still occupy the mainstream

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