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Analysis of the import and export situation of China's printing equipment

after China's entry into WTO, the major business operators of China's printing equipment and equipment enterprises have the most thoughts, the fastest flow and the strongest measures, which is to integrate with the international market and the global economy at the fastest speed. In particular, large and medium-sized enterprises should take the export work and foreign cooperation work to a strategic height and plan as an important growth point for the redevelopment of enterprises

in recent years, the product export work of printing machine enterprises has improved and achieved results. Foreign cooperation has yielded fruitful results. To sum up, the number of export enterprises grows from small to large, the amount of foreign exchange earned through export grows from small to large, the level of export products grows from low to high, the export region grows from narrow to wide, and the variety of export products grows from single to diverse. In short, the export of products has been comprehensively upgraded to a new level and made encouraging progress

According to rough statistics, of the 151 enterprises in the printing machine industry, nearly 85% have successively launched new products or modified products in domestic and foreign markets, with the launch speed nearly doubled compared with the past, and the new technology content of the product technology level has been greatly improved compared with the past, including more than 20 printing machine enterprises with strong comprehensive strength, It has achieved the organic combination of imported technology and independent innovation

"beiren" 578 tower printer, beire cast iron test piece finally took on a slightly wrong shape, N300 split multi-color offset printer, beiren200 four split multi-color offset printer, bf4000s form printer, bf5000 series flexographic printer and azj series high-end double receiving and double releasing unit gravure printer and other products have carried out multi-directional technical cooperation with internationally renowned manufacturers, thus winning good feedback from the market; Shanghai Gauss urbh-200 newspaper printer, which belongs to Shanghai printing and packaging group, has not only successfully applied the advanced technology of the joint venture, but also absorbed the design principle of the most popular H-shaped arrangement tower structure in the world, becoming the main product for export and foreign exchange earning; Taking CE certification as a breakthrough, shenweida company has comprehensively improved the safety, reliability and stability of the microcomputer program-controlled paper cutter series products. At the same time, it has carried out industrial design for external type, forming products with distinctive personality, which ranks among the top in European and American markets; Yahua company has shifted from exporting PYQ series products to tym and MW automatic die cutting machine series products, showing strong competitiveness in the international market; Guanghua's pz4650b -- Al four-way four-color alcohol fountain machine, Ziguang bby45/8 and bby40/5b disc packaging machine, etc. have won the second prize of Shanghai excellent products; Under the premise of high market share of quarto single and two-color machine, Zhongjing group has also developed a series of products of quarto multi-color offset printing machine, and the thermoplastic film produced by chengkeshuang is used for the mass production of SI2 seats, successfully entering the market; Hg252 small format multicolor offset printing machine of Huaguang Seiko has received good response after entering the domestic and foreign markets, greatly improving the technical level of short version fast printing equipment; Yingkou Guanhua company ykl800el small offset press has stable and reliable quality, meets the requirements of European and American markets, and wins reputation; Changchun microcomputer program-controlled paper cutting machine, Shaanxi Heiniu flexographic machine, Sichuan Zhongjiang Litong paper cutting machine, Weihai Bintian small offset press, Weihai small offset press and post press equipment, Qingdao Ruipu four open multi-color machine, Xianyang Hefeng packaging machinery, Wenzhou Shenli group packaging machinery, Beijing zhenhenry sheet gravure press, Zhenjiang siege air pump, etc. have achieved good market performance. It can be said that industry enterprises aim at the needs of the international market, grasp the core of "product orientation and product level positioning", vigorously promote the adjustment of product structure and the improvement of product level, and have made unprecedented progress

from the examples listed above, we can see that due to the increase in the types of printing machine export products in China, we can better meet the needs of different levels in the world. At the same time, foreign customers can also have more space to choose our products. Die cutting machine, paper cutting machine, folding machine, stapler and other post press equipment have a long export history

at present, products with relatively high technical content, such as commercial small offset press, sheet fed multicolor offset press, newspaper press, commercial form press, flexographic press and gravure press, have also entered the European and American markets. It is precisely because of the adjustment of product structure that the "two shifts" of export have been formed: from post press equipment to printing equipment, from general products to products with high scientific and technological content. At this year's Dusseldorf printing exhibition in Germany, many Chinese enterprises will participate in the exhibition, including beiren, Shanghai Yinbao, Huaguang Seiko, Qingdao Meiguang, Beijing Duoyuan, Wenzhou Qunying, Yingkou Guanhua, and Zhongjing group, which will show the style of Chinese printing machines with excellent products

the export area of products is expanding, and the team of export enterprises in the industry is growing.

under the situation of product structure adjustment, the adaptability of enterprise products to the market is becoming stronger and stronger. Nearly 20% of export enterprises in the industry have CE, GS and UL certification for more than 40 products on the basis of ISO9001 quality system certification, which better solves the "passport" of printing machine products landing in Europe and America. Therefore, the scope of product exports has been expanded from the traditional markets in Southeast Asia to countries and regions such as Europe, America, Australia, Japan and South Korea. At the same time, new trade fields have been opened up for countries and regions such as Russia, the Middle East and South Africa

export enterprises are established export enterprises, such as Shanghai Gauss, beiren, Yahua, shenweida and Wei, which have successfully overcome the technical difficulties of 3D printing PLA line materials, such as brittleness and temperature intolerance. Haibin Tian, Yingkou Guanhua, Ziguang, Ziming, Changchun printing machine, Wenzhou Shenli, etc. There are also 14 new forces that have joined the export team in recent years, such as beiren Fuji, Shaanxi beiren, Shanghai Xinxing, Zhejiang Jialu, Wenzhou Huawei, Wenzhou Yuehua, Huainan Xinsheng, Zhejiang Tongye, etc. According to statistics, nearly 30% of the 15 member units are involved in foreign trade. Although the amount is small and just started, it can be seen that the export desire of various enterprises is strong, and the export measures are powerful. According to statistics, the industry can extract screws from equipment. The export delivery value of 42 printing machine enterprises in 2002 was 219.5 million yuan, an increase of 10.8% over 2001; Self operated export reached US $24.9 million, an increase of 8.5% over 2001. Although affected by SARS in 2003, the growth rates of export delivery value and self operated export earning foreign exchange were 23.1% and 14.3% respectively. In 2003, Shanghai Gauss' export earned foreign exchange of US $12million, an increase of 178% over 2002

the pace of foreign cooperation has accelerated, and the cooperation has developed in depth.

after China's entry into the WTO, all enterprises in the printing machine industry are carrying out foreign cooperation and joint ventures in different ways, focusing on the core issues of improving the technical level of products

one is to take advantage of industrial structure adjustment and reform to win each other. Taking advantage of the favorable opportunity of international industrial structure adjustment, Shanghai Guanghua company further strengthened the reorganization and transformation of Guanghua company, promoted the enterprise development strategy, merged and acquired Akiyama company of Japan, and achieved linkage and rapid development. Taking advantage of the favorable opportunities of domestic industrial restructuring and state-owned economic reform policies, Hong Kong jutian Printing Co., Ltd. merged and acquired the second people's machine factory of Hunan Province at one stroke, injected funds, and transformed the mechanism, so that old enterprises and old brands were rejuvenated

one is to use China's open preferential policies to set up a wholly-owned printing machine manufacturing enterprise. Taiwan Youheng Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. registered and established evergreen printing and packaging equipment Co., Ltd. in Tianjin Technological Development Zone in 1992. In more than 10 years, it has produced more than 200 high-precision automatic die cutting machines, holographic anti-counterfeiting positioning bronzing machines, box pasting machines and other sophisticated post press equipment, settled in more than 300 printing enterprises, and stood out in the market competition of similar products

one is to take advantage of the technical advantages of internationally renowned manufacturers to cooperate in some functional configurations and implement "grafting". Beiren Co., Ltd. and Italian Meni company jointly produce ink control; Cooperate with Germany maberg company in the production of paper feeder. These will play a positive role in improving the level of multi-color offset press

one is marketing cooperation, which makes mutual use of product sales resources. The prepress equipment of Fang brothers of the United States is sold and cooperated with Shanghai printing and packaging company in the Chinese market; Japan's Tokyo publishing Machinery Co., Ltd. used the sales network of beiren group company to sell TSK products with international level with the trademark of "beiren"

in addition, the product exports of Chinese enterprises are also taking advantage of the sales resources of foreign enterprises to enter the international market. Beiren established "beiren Moscow" company in Moscow, specializing in beiren products. It is beiren's partner and export base in Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Yingkou Guanhua, shenweida, Yahua and others have their own partners in the European and American markets

one is to introduce the intelligence of foreign experts, and it is also a shortcut to improve the technical level. Some invite experts to design, some to solve process problems, some to give lectures with apprentices, and some to participate in management consulting. The multiple use of experts undoubtedly plays an important role in improving the technology and management level of our enterprises

under the more open situation, Chinese printing enterprises have also imported and purchased a large number of high-end printing machines from abroad, which has played an important role in improving the hardware facilities of Chinese printing enterprises and improving the quality of prints. China's printing machine manufacturing enterprises are constantly adjusting the product structure according to the market demand, improving the technical level and quality level, and enhancing their competitiveness. All enterprises should strive to create famous brand products, establish credibility in the international market, do a solid job in product export, and make our contributions to the prosperity of the international printing machine market and the development of the international printing machine industry

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