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"Be grateful and grow together" Xiamen Haiwei Huangshan three-day tour

the time is the most beautiful, and happy times always pass quickly. The three-day Huangshan trip of Xiamen Haiwei Technology Co., Ltd. has been successfully completed, but it can't take away our beautiful memories. We also want to share these beautiful moments with you. First, let's take a collective photo of Haiwei

first stop: the village in the painting Hongcun

Hongcun, an ancient water system village with a bionic building in the shape of a cow, is known as the village in Chinese painting and the shooting place of the film Crouching Tiger, hidden dragon. Hongcun, with developed water systems, pioneered bionics, planned and built a unique ancient water system cow shaped village and artificial water system in China, forming a major spectacle in today's world historical and cultural heritage; The village is now well preserved more than 140 Ming and Qing residential buildings. Chengzhi hall has exquisite three carvings and magnificence, which are known as the folk Forbidden City. Stroll in the Hongcun village with lakes and mountains and multi story courtyards, and feel the infinite charm of the harmonious coexistence of landscape and architecture, and the mutual reflection of natural landscape and humanistic connotation

Xin'anjiang landscape gallery is a national 4A tourist attraction. The Xin'an River, known as the Oriental Danube, runs through it. It has different scenery all year round. Boating in it looks like a flowing landscape painting, so it is called the Xin'an River landscape gallery. Xin'anjiang landscape gallery is famous for the wonderful combination of China's unique emblem culture with natural scenery and ancient villages. At present, the ecological environment on both sides of the Strait is excellent, showing a three-dimensional ecological pattern of high mountain forests, Zhongshan tea, low mountain fruits and fish in the water, which complement each other with the ancient villages and ancient dwellings, forming a beautiful Xanadu map

wearing a thick down jacket, I stepped into the ice and snow Jiulong Valley Ice Sculpture hall in the Xin'anjiang landscape gallery, and the icy air came to my face. More than 100 pieces of ice sculptures are magnificent. Nearly all the famous scenic spots in ancient Huizhou, such as ice and snow ancient city, Jingying Xuguo stone square, Ziyang academy, sanyuanfang, Changqing temple tower, ice and snow dragon wall, Huizhou women, Huizhou camels, wedding sedans and so on, can find prototypes here, so that people can feel the frozen scenery of the north for thousands of miles in the south of the Yangtze River. To ice and snow Jiulong Valley, give you a feel cool summer

our troops set out in a mighty manner the next afternoon and successfully arrived at the foot of Mount Huangshan. It is 7.5 kilometers from the foot of Huangshan Mountain to Yingke pine. Our colleagues are not only good at work, but also good at climbing the mountain. Some colleagues climb the top of the mountain in an hour; Some colleagues climb slowly, but they also insist on completing the whole journey step by step, which reflects our unremitting spirit. On the way, many travelers constantly surpass us, which also increases our confidence to rush forward. Although everyone was very tired, they had a lot of fun. All kinds of shapes were beautiful. Hahaha, the most interesting thing in life was that a large group traveled together, and then recorded all kinds of moments. This was the best memory.

arrived on the mountain in the afternoon and evening, and finally saw the well-known welcoming pine. It was just like a hospitable host, waving its arms and warmly welcoming guests at home and abroad to Huangshan Mountain

Jinan gold assay Jinan impact testing machine manufacturer Tunxi Old Street is located in the center of Tunxi District, Huangshan City, embedded between green mountains and green waters. It is close to the mountain in the north and close to the water in the south, including 1 straight street, 3 cross streets and 18 alleys. The whole street, which is composed of more than 300 Huizhou buildings built in different ages, is distributed in the shape of a fish skeleton, narrow in the West and wide in the East. Because Tunxi Old Street is located at the confluence of Hengjiang River, suishui River and Xin'an River, it is also known as the flowing riverside map of Qingming Festival. It is the most completely preserved ancient street in China with the architectural styles of the Southern Song Dynasty and the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and it is also a key cultural relics protection unit in China. In 2009, Tunxi Old Street, together with Beijing Guozijian street and Suzhou Pingjiang Road, was elected as a famous historical and cultural street in China with poor anti-interference ability

through this trip to Huangshan, we not only enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Huangshan, delighted our hearts, cultivated our sentiments, but also enhanced the cohesion, sense of honor and sense of belonging of employees. During the tour, we travel together and help each other. It not only eased the employees' usual work pressure and tension, but also cultivated their sentiment and improved their self-cultivation. Everyone said that they would devote themselves to work with fuller enthusiasm and in a better state, better complete the company's goals with the best mental outlook, and continue to create brilliance for the company

finally, I'll add a few more photos of the handsome boys and girls who turn on the main motor of the experimental machine, Yuan Haiwei, to fill your eyes, as well as Hai Wei's family

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