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Health and environmental protection paint does not contain "benzene"

health and environmental protection paint does not contain "benzene"

July 31, 2002

with the prevalence of simplified style, three experimental forces of 15kg, 30kg and 45kg are adopted, and the validity of the experimental results will be doubted. Paint products have become the "new favorite" of indoor wall decoration. In 2001, only 1.5 million tons of building coating materials were sold. At the same time, the pollution of decoration materials has become a problem of concern. In the current decoration products, formaldehyde, benzene, TDI, heavy metals and other harmful substances widely exist. In China, there are events of benzene poisoning caused by decoration every year (400 cases of acute benzene poisoning and 15000 people poisoning)

formaldehyde, an "invisible killer", has aroused the vigilance of most people. It is a globally recognized potential carcinogen. In fact, among some unqualified building materials, there are strong carcinogens that are more harmful than formaldehyde, namely benzene,

toluene and xylene

Strengthen information sharing between domestic and foreign industries

benzene is a kind of aromatic organic compound, which is a colorless toxic gas with aromatic smell. There is a "fragrance killer"

, which has been classified as a strong carcinogen by the international health organization. Toluene and xylene are more harmful to the mucosa and nervous system than

benzene. People absorb high concentrations of toluene and xylene in a short time, and they will appear the symptom of central nervous system anesthesia. The mild ones will have a growing demand gap for China's copper alloy functional new material products. Dizziness, headache, nausea, fatigue, confusion, and even coma and respiratory failure will lead to death

as we all know, benzene, toluene and xylene are important components of paint. How to replace them has always been a technical problem in the industry. Although pure paint without benzene has appeared on the market at present, it still contains derivatives of toluene and xylene, which is no less harmful to human body than benzene

At present, a new type of healthy and environmental friendly benzene free advanced nitrocellulose paint has been officially put on the market by Beijing Jiaying paint industry Co., Ltd. after five years of potential research and test, and a lot of human, material and financial resources, imported production technology, equipment and management methods have been invested. The newly launched Jiaying paint with domestic and foreign high-quality raw materials has been officially put on the market, and has been tested by the national environmental analysis and testing center. It contains benzene, toluene Xylene, etc. are zero, and do not contain formaldehyde, TDE metal, etc., achieving the fundamental meaning of "benzene free and non-toxic", and the environmental protection standard has reached the international advanced level. Jiaying paint industry is a member of China Paint Industry Association. In view of its outstanding contributions this time, Beijing Architectural Decoration Association awarded Jiaying brand benzene free advanced nitrocellulose paint as a recommended product for environmental protection. At the Beijing "Green family environmental protection seminar" held on June 28, it signed a cooperation contract with large decoration companies in Beijing, such as long

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