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Health care functional textiles are expected to rise suddenly

in recent years, people have pursued "wearing health" and "sleeping health" as a fashion to improve the quality of life and life while pursuing eating health. Therefore, the health care textile industry with high technology and high added value has been paid more and more attention. According to the data in the forthcoming blue book on the development of China's health care products industry, by 2015, the output value of the health care functional textile industry is expected to reach 100billion yuan, and gradually adjust and change the traditional textile industry with large output, low income, high labor costs, overcapacity and lack of competitiveness into an industry with high added value and core competitiveness

xuhuafeng, vice president and Secretary General of China Health Care Association, told that although after years of development, China's health care functional textiles have shown two main characteristics: a high degree of marketization and a large contribution to employment, so far, the country has not clearly defined and unified regulations to effectively manage this market, and only Shaanxi, Shanxi and other provinces have relevant local regulations. However, the multi head and multi-level examination and approval has led to too many and excessive health care products, which has brought great difficulties to market supervision

"blue book" pointed out that according to the association standard of "health care functional textiles CAS", according to the use of health care textile products, it is divided into three categories: supplies, clothing products and other supplies that have initially realized the strategic transformation of China from a large material country to a powerful material country. Among the above industries, the number of large and medium-sized enterprises in the health-care functional textile industry is very small, accounting for only 6%. Xuhuafeng believes that this data reflects that the health care function textile industry is mostly small-scale enterprises with low concentration, which is still difficult to form a greater momentum for development

from the perspective of the ownership structure of enterprises in the textile industry, there are many forms of enterprise ownership in China's functional textile industry, including state-owned enterprises, collective enterprises, joint-stock cooperative enterprises, joint-stock enterprises, private enterprises, foreign investors and enterprises with investment from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, which basically cover all existing enterprise types in China. Among them, the number of private enterprises reached 1858, accounting for 90.24%, occupying an absolute advantage in number

corresponding to the famous textile and clothing production areas in China, the industrial cluster area of health-care functional textiles also has obvious advantages. The top five main production areas are Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Shandong. The distribution of enterprises is mainly concentrated in our treatment method: turn on the power supply or update the fuse. In the central and eastern regions, around the professional market or export, a regional industrial cluster dominated by many health-care functional textile products has been formed

at present, health care functional textiles have shown a new scene, that is, breaking through the limitations of the elderly market, and developing more and more unique and targeted health care products and services for the consumption needs of different target groups

xuhuafeng said, "the problems faced by the health-care functional textile industry mainly include weak infrastructure and unreasonable industrial layout; low scientific and technological contribution and low degree of enterprise informatization; technical barriers are mainly green barriers; rising cotton prices cause increased cost pressure on enterprises."

insiders believe that the future development space of China's health-care functional textile industry is still large, and it is expected to rise suddenly, forming a new space for industrial profits to rise. In this regard, the "blue book" proposed that the basic means to solve the plight of the industry should start from the macro and micro levels. At the macro level, we should emphasize management standardization, actively establish China's anti trade barrier mechanism, and guide enterprises and social funds to increase investment in scientific and technological research and development. At the micro level, the industry should comprehensively improve its independent innovation, strengthen the leading role of science and technology, emphasize the integration with international technical standards, strengthen resource integration, optimize industrial layout, and form a diversified export market. Most fundamentally, enterprises should implement the brand development strategy from their own perspective to lay a good foundation for the long-term development of the tensile strength of special-shaped springs. Generally, the spring testing machine completes the foundation

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