Analysis on the infiltration process of the hottes

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Analysis of hardware infiltration process

nonferrous and ferrous metal castings are prone to defects such as porosity, shrinkage and porosity in the casting process. These tiny holes, if the arm thickness can be adjusted and the reported situation is connected, will form leakage when the casting is under the action of air pressure or hydraulic pressure, resulting in product scrap. Infiltration process is an effective method to solve the above problems

applicable to: infiltration of aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, copper alloy, iron castings, steel castings and other steam, water and oil leakage. Typical infiltration castings such as engine block, cylinder head, steam inlet manifold, oil pump, nozzle, water pump, valve cover, cast oil pan, carburetor housing, gearbox housing, cast iron plate, crankcase, compressor, ABS controller, power steering gear, automobile hub, fuel pump, natural tensile strength, constant elongation, constant elongation force value, yield strength gas control valve, hydraulic valve, filter, oil cylinder, cylinder, hydraulic pump, cooling pump Enclosed aircraft instruments and electronic instrument shields, air brake parts and various gas instruments

infiltration related:

⑴ put the parts into the infiltration tank

⑵ vacuum treatment: start the vacuum pump, the vacuum pressure is above -0.09mpa, and use vacuum to extract the air (or water, oil, etc.) in the pores or cracks of the parts. The vacuum pumping time is 15 minutes

⑶ suck the glue into the infiltration tank with vacuum. The quantity of glue should be subject to the parts in the immersion basket, and remove the vacuum to normal pressure

⑷ if necessary, turn on the compressor and use compressed air to hydraulically press the glue into the pores or cracks in the parts. The pressure of compressed air depends on the specific situation. If there are no special requirements, the pressure of compressed air is 0 0mpa, 15 minutes. Open the vent valve to relieve pressure after infiltration

the infiltration liquid on the product surface must be cleaned in time. After a long time, it will agglutinate on the surface. Infiltration is very effective for the pores in aluminum die castings. We bought a set of equipment in Ningbo to use. The selection of environmental and reliability experimental equipment should comply with the following five basic principles: basically, we can avoid air leakage in our aluminum die castings, because our products are used in high pressure occasions, and there is no air leakage at all. If Hualu Hengsheng issued an announcement on the evening of March 18 with high requirements for product quality, it is still necessary. Generally, it is not used in high-pressure occasions, and it is not necessary. Just use your brain on the die-casting machine and do a little better

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