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Healthy and green development is inseparable from green fiber made in China 2025

at the moment when green elements lead the fashion trend, the 2018 bed products special committee annual meeting followed the trend of the times and held two forums in the afternoon of June 22, with the topics of "Application of green fiber in the home textile industry" and "quality and improvement of core fillers", focusing on green fiber and green core fillers. The dry goods were full, and the guests at the meeting were very productive

nowadays, green elements lead the fashion trend. The 2018 annual meeting of the bed products special committee conforms to the trend of the times and held two forums to share, focusing on green fibers and green core fillers. They are all dry goods, and the audience is full of harvest

how to better apply green fibers in the home textile industry

the first forum discussed the origin of green fibers and their application prospects in the home textile industry with the topic of "the application of green fibers in the home textile industry", helping home textile enterprises master and understand the concept of green fibers

at the meeting, Xia Zhilin, a consultant and researcher of green fiber certification, made a speech with the title of "building a new brand with green fiber logo" and the operation is relatively complex. He explained from four parts, namely, the origin of green fiber; What is green fiber; Declaration and management of green fiber; Management rules for downstream users of green fibers

Xia Zhilin said that green development is the basic policy and key project of made in China 2025, and it is also an important engine to promote China's economic development. In this context, the green fiber mark certification guided by the China Chemical Fiber Industry Association and the national textile and chemical fiber center, with the consumer goods department of the Ministry of industry and information technology as the guidance unit, has been officially launched in March 2016 after the registration of the State Administration for Industry and commerce. The purpose is to promote the green design, green materials, green manufacturing and circular development of China's chemical fiber industry, and better reflect the society of the textile industry, Achieve new leaps in green transformation and upgrading

At the meeting, Xia Zhilin explained the main characteristics of green fibers. He said that first, the source of raw materials is biomass and recyclable raw materials; Second, low carbon and environmental protection in the production process; Third, the waste of finished products does not pollute the environment or can be recycled. These three aspects are the important connotation of defining green fiber

green fibers are divided into three categories: the first is bio based chemical fibers; The second kind is recycling chemical fiber; The third kind is the raw liquid colored chemical fiber

Xia Zhilin stressed that the green fiber certification is for chemical fiber enterprises, whose total number of employees is 37000, which must meet a number of prerequisites, such as basic conditions such as legal registration and civil liability, as well as hard conditions such as index constraints. As an application field of green fiber identification, supply side reform is carried out around market demand, including 8 aspects, yarn, fabric, clothing, home textiles, textiles, etc. So far, 21 enterprises have obtained the green fiber certification certificate. We hope that the end product enterprises should actively promote the application of green fiber, so as to better realize the value of green fiber. Only by relying on the joint efforts of the whole textile industry chain can we better realize the value of green fiber, realize the new positioning of green industry in the textile industry, and realize the long-term development of green textile industry

at the forum, five certified chemical fiber manufacturers shared themes with the guests on the application and promotion of green fiber

zhujianxun, President of Anhui Dongjin Resource Regeneration Technology Co., Ltd., shared some green fiber stories. He said that unlike the chemical fiber factory in the traditional sense, Anhui Dongjin Resource Regeneration Technology Co., Ltd. makes recycled chemical fibers, that is, uses beverage bottles to make chemical fibers. Its main products include two threads and two fabrics: two threads are polyester filament and polyester staple, and two fabrics are woven fabrics and knitted fabrics

Dongjin obtained the green fiber certification in March this year. Zhu Jianxun said that among the three elements of green fiber, Dongjin occupies two points: one is the regeneration of raw materials, and the other is that some products are colored with stock solution. "We now produce two products, one is ordinary fiber and the other is cotton; there are two series of filaments, one is DTY and the other is fty. In woven fabrics, there are dozens of knitting machines, mainly 24 to 38 stitches. These products are produced according to the requirements of green fiber. From the source of raw materials, process requirements, production process and production environment, they all meet the requirements of green fiber production and are the waste of our lives The daily consumer goods made of it turn garbage into products, which not only saves resources but also protects the environment. It is a completely green environmental protection product. "

Gao Bing, assistant general manager of Baoding swan New Fiber Manufacturing Co., Ltd., said at the forum that Baoding swan encountered the problem of transformation and upgrading in 2015. From the concept of green development to the development concept of made in China 2025, Baoding swan chose green fiber. The whole production line is environmentally friendly, raw materials come from nature, and the solvent recovery rate reaches more than 99.9%. Gao Bing said that after four years, Baoding swan has finally obtained the green fiber certification. The green fiber we produce has the comfort and color of cotton, the strength of synthetic fiber, and the feel and luster of real silk, which is very suitable for home textile products. Now, Baoding swan is also committed to the concept of green development, realizing green fiber production from the source, and creating green environmental protection for the whole industrial chain

zhangjingdong, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Huilong new materials Co., Ltd., said that the company adopted the raw liquid coloring link and passed the national green fiber certification in the chemical fiber industry this year. It is a high-tech enterprise and a green enterprise in Zhejiang Province. "Our whole production adopts raw liquid coloring, and the product is durable and stable, with the characteristics of zero dyeing and zero formaldehyde." Zhangjingdong said that the company adopts a small batch, multi variety, electronic mode and 21 hour rapid response ability, and has several advantages in the raw liquid coloring: first, the cost is low, and the cost of raw liquid color matching accounts for about 40% of the dyeing cost; Second, it has good stability and a large variety of colors, so it can match colors without colors to meet the requirements of customers to varying degrees; Third, there is no pollution layer or waste water in the whole production

Xu Kai, the purchasing and sales manager of Youcai environmental protection resources Technology Co., Ltd., said at the forum that the company is applicable to the raw liquid coloring technology. The company has 14 production lines with an annual output value of about 250000 tons. Its products include automotive interior series, non-woven fabric series, blanket series, cotton series, and mainly quilt covers, bed sheets, etc. for home textiles

Cuichangsheng, sales manager of Yiwu Huading nylon Co., Ltd., introduced that the company is a high-tech enterprise of the national torch plan and a listed enterprise specializing in the production of energy-saving nylon yarn. Since its establishment, the company has paid attention to the concept of green development, and the production capacity of raw liquid coloring and green fiber has reached 20000 tons. In 2016, the chemical fiber Association began to promote green fiber certification, and Huading nylon actively cooperated with the initiative. Cui Changsheng said that the company attaches great importance to quality in the selection of raw materials, and has high requirements in energy saving and slicing. It must be safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless

Cui Changsheng said that nylon fiber has good moisture absorption and can bring a cool feeling. Now it is gradually applied to home textile products, and is mainly used by home textile enterprises exported to Japan in Qingdao, Shandong Province. In the future, Huading nylon will expand the application of green fiber in home textile field. "We can produce high-quality raw liquid dyed nylon yarn in black, extra black, hemp grey and skin color. The biggest advantage of raw liquid coloring is that there is no dyeing, and the color uniformity and color fastness are good, reducing pollutant emissions and environmental damage. We hope to promote nylon yarn to the field of home textiles and establish good cooperation."

high quality core fillers should be green and environmental protection

core fillers in bedding, whether quilt or pillow, are very important items in green fiber, and the quality of such fillers also determines the quality of related products. With the development of society and the continuous improvement of consumer demand, the requirements for core product fillers are becoming higher and higher

the second forum in the afternoon focused on the quality and improvement of core fillers, and discussed the development trend, market prospect and product influence of these fillers around representative fillers such as silk, down, wool and chemical fiber

the forum was presided over by Jing Yutang, vice president of China Home Textile Association, executive director of the bedding special committee and chairman of Jiangsu Tanghuang group. Hu Yufang, chairman of Suzhou Taihu snow silk Co., Ltd., Chu Yefei, general manager of Changzhou Huaji wool products Co., Ltd., he Jinqiao, manager of down Sales Department of Anhui Hongrun (Group) Co., Ltd Zheng zaxian, general manager of marketing of Fuzhou Shenghai xingkaisheng Technology Co., Ltd., and four enterprise representatives participated in the discussion

Hu Yufang introduced in detail the characteristics and development of silk and silk quilt, as well as how to improve the quality of silk quilt. She said that in addition to being natural, environmentally friendly, healthy, green, comfortable, breathable, warm, soft and close fitting, silk quilt is the only animal protein in the world, which determines its status as the "fiber Queen", and the quilt made of it is also known as the "king of quilt". The intermingled good and bad and confusion are the pain points of the silk quilt industry. Therefore, it is not enough to formulate standards. We should also change the relationship between supply and demand, support agricultural production, develop large-scale, intensive and modern sericulture bases, find a way to integrate the development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and contribute to the development of China's national traditional industries while improving product quality. She did this industry, and deeply loved it from the bottom of her heart, because it is a real green fiber without labels, and it is the only animal protein

Chu Yefei shared with the guests the characteristics of wool, the advantages and testing indicators of wool products, the comparison of wool applications at home and abroad, and the application of wool in the home textile industry. He said that wool has good elasticity and warmth retention, and bedding made of wool is conducive to sleep health

due to the market chaos, consumers have a misunderstanding about our wool. It is for this reason that on October 1st, 2016, China Home Textile Association formulated a new filler standard, which has certain restrictions on some indicators, such as the cashmere content. For our professional wool makers, in addition to the fineness and length, we should also see its taste, and the poorly processed wool will also have a certain taste, In addition, the impurity content of wool should also be strictly controlled, especially for listed enterprises. In addition, we export to Japan. They have a relatively important indicator of cleanliness. At present, there is basically no such additional requirement in China, which is also for your reference. With regard to domestic and international applications, he said that China first pays attention to price, then places of origin, and the third is to pay attention to the symmetrical indicators of light at this time; Internationally, the first characteristic index is followed by price. At the present stage, while doing a good job in traditional products, the company is based on innovation and development. The two new products developed this year - cool wool and clean wool, are widely praised

Zheng zaxian introduced the performance of chemical fiber and the achievements of the company's innovative research and development to the guests. He said that the company has continuously enhanced its environmental awareness and social sense through cooperation with DuPont Corporation of the United States

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