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Health food calls for special packaging paper

in life, we often see that in many food stalls, especially breakfast stalls, stall owners use white paper, waste newspapers, plastic bags and even colored plastic bags to contain the breakfast just out of the pot. Obviously, these packaging products used to pack food are not hygienic, and even contain certain toxins, which not only pollute the environment at this time, but also endanger health. With the increasing improvement of quality of life, the awareness of self-care and environmental protection can also be realized by computers, data processing and analysis, and the printing of experimental results, why are these substances still used to package food? At present, there is not a kind of daily-use food packaging material that can be used by ordinary consumers, which is reasonable in price, harmless to human body and pollution-free to the environment

it is understood that European and American countries have begun the research and production of special paper for food, and have taken the lead. For example, the brand-new packaging material plmex special paper for food, 100% pure pulp, does not contain fluorescent agents and chemicals harmful to human body, has the characteristics of waterproof, oil-proof, anti sticking and heat-resistant, is easy to use, simple to clean, safe and hygienic, and conforms to the food hygiene standards of FDA and BGA in Germany. This kind of special paper for food can be recycled after being washed with clean water and can be reused for 50 times. Food paper has been rolled, and Xie Ying said in her speech that pressed into various paper cup shapes, whether used for steaming, baking, microwave heating, will not deform and fade

among the special paper for food, food insulation packaging paper is urgently needed. The function of this paper is to keep cooked food fragrant, fresh and hot after packaging, so that people can eat it conveniently in different places and times, so as to meet the needs of today's fast-paced life. The principle of this kind of insulation paper is that it can convert light energy into heat energy like a solar collector. Usually, people only need to put this special paper in a place where the sun can shine, and the space surrounded by the paper will be constantly supplemented with heat, so as to keep the food in the paper hot, so that people can eat delicious food at any time

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