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He Yongsen: choosing Lovol has made a rich life

he Yongsen: choosing Lovol has made a rich life

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he Yongsen. Currently, he is the general manager of a Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. in Guizhou, mainly engaged in real estate development, civil airport construction, ancient architecture with ethnic characteristics, ancient garden construction and other engineering projects

in 2010, he Yongsen worked as a sales manager in Guizhou Sili Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., an agent of Lovol construction machinery. When he first entered the construction machinery industry, he saw the opportunities in this industry and the prospects for the selection methods of safety belt tension testing machines. After careful consideration, he Yongsen decided to buy an excavator to start the contract project. President Luo of Guizhou Sili Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. also supported his idea. In this way, he Yongsen bought the first Lovol fr220 excavator

Lovol fr220 excavator has the characteristics of reliability, high efficiency, energy saving and good controllability. Lovol's unique EDS intelligent control technology makes the engine and hydraulic system match perfectly, and maximizes the output power of the engine. The hydraulic system adopts the "es+er" technology pre experiment technology, which has the functions of intelligent confluence and energy regeneration, and its working efficiency is greatly improved compared with other brands

after purchasing the machine, he Yongsen personally managed the equipment. Due to his diligence and hard work, his career was booming, and he soon stood out in the industry. He successively purchased five Lovol fr220 excavators, and his personal influence was growing, which also made his wallet bulge and his life more and more moist. At the beginning of 2017, he Yongsen reinvested the wealth he earned and bought two Lovol fr370e excavators. With these seven excavators, he Yongsen managed them well

Lovol fr370e excavator is supervised by Japanese experts and equipped with imported Isuzu 6h engine. The vast world of equipment transformation is waiting for your hands to participate! The operation provides strong power, equipped with the original Kawasaki hydraulic system, Lovol's exclusive matching and adjustment, with high reliability, low pressure loss, high flow distribution efficiency, and smoother compound action. On the basis of ensuring the efficiency and intelligence of the equipment, the oil consumption of the equipment is greatly reduced at the same time

as the saying goes, although there are many ways to make money, if you can't find the seeds to make money, you still can't become a career. He Yongsen happens to be the one who sows the seeds of wealth. Now he Yongsen has become a loyal customer of Lovol, and has successively recommended to his friends to buy Lovol excavators, so that everyone can get rich together. He told the author that it was Lovol that led him to a new height in his career, and said that he would buy another Lovol fr370e excavator before the end of the year, and he would stick to this industry

group photo of he Yongsen and Lovol excavator

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