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Four aspects analyze the industrialization of water-based coatings

four aspects analyze the industrialization of water-based coatings in addition to bearing the pressure of declining subsidies

June 2, 2009

[China paint information] in 2008, China's economy experienced the great impact of a series of major outstanding events, especially the impact of the world financial crisis, which is more extensive, huge, profound and deep-seated. At the macro level, it will affect the pattern and trend of the world economy, the change of economic growth mode, the re frame of market economy rules, trade rules and so on. From the perspective of real economy, it will affect the industrial distribution pattern and enterprise distribution pattern. The project will undergo a series of all-round changes through the Research Bureau of aging asphalt regeneration mechanism, industrial economic development mode, product upgrading, structural adjustment and optimization, strategic and market positioning and transformation, etc. It can be said that a new era has begun! A new development opportunity has come! Time waits for no man! This will also be an excellent opportunity for the industrialization of waterborne coatings in the coating industry

1 from the perspective of economic environment, the industrialization of water-based coatings

facing the crisis, the coating industry in 2009 highlighted three major themes: industrial upgrading, structural adjustment, and strategic transformation. In fact, even without the impact of the current global financial crisis, China's economy has also faced industrial upgrading, structural adjustment and strategic transformation. To improve the core competitiveness and anti wind ability of enterprises, it is necessary to carry out industrial upgrading, structural adjustment and strategic transformation, which is historical and inevitable. The important contents of improving core competitiveness and wind resistance include: technology, management, marketing, culture, etc., as well as the promotion of health value, resources and environmental protection value. These are not only the content of industrial upgrading, structural adjustment and strategic transformation, but also the motivation. Therefore, promoting the industrialization of water-based Wood Coatings in China, and even the industrialization of the whole water-based coatings, is not only an important work at present, but also an excellent development opportunity. It conforms to the needs of China's current economic development situation

2 from the perspective of policy, we know that under the new situation, the role of macro-control, a visible hand, has been further strengthened. From last year to now, China has issued a series of policies and measures to promote the development of our economy and resolve the huge impact of the financial crisis on our real economy. These policies and measures are related to industrial upgrading, one of which is the upgrading of environmental protection. Among the relevant policies of industrial structure adjustment in 2008, at least five policies and standards are greatly related to promoting the industrialization process of waterborne coatings. First, the catalogue of industrial structure adjustment in 2008 issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the national development and Reform Commission; Second, the petrochemical industry revitalization plan (detailed rules) approved by the national development and Reform Commission; Third, the catalogue of environmentally friendly products (the first batch of preliminary list) issued by the Ministry of environmental protection; Fourth, the division of production processes for bulk paint products from 2009 to 2010 organized by the Ministry of environmental protection; Fifth, the VOC limit standard of waterborne wood coatings. The first four items all take the development of water-based coatings and environmental friendly coatings as an important content. Several new policies and regulations in 2009 will also play a positive role in promoting industrial upgrading and structural adjustment. One of the key points of these projects is still the content of environmental protection, health and value improvement, including: opinions on the restructuring of the coating industry (including water-based wood coatings, high-function water-based anti-corrosion coatings and other products), major scientific research projects in the coating industry, and Research on nine topics such as the catalogue of encouraged products. These policy directions undoubtedly have a great impact on promoting the industrialization of water-based coatings in China. Of course, this is an excellent policy opportunity for enterprises to develop water-based coatings. We should actively grasp these business opportunities and develop ourselves. We should put these tasks on the important agenda of the enterprise, strive for policies, and don't miss good opportunities

3 see the industrialization of water-based coatings from the market level

during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", the market form of China's coating industry has changed dramatically. From a big perspective: first, the market demand is increasingly branded; Second, the market demand has extended from the value given by the general product itself to the two poles; The third is to strengthen the risk prevention and decision-making mechanism of enterprises; Fourth, the strategic adjustment and battle of the enterprise. The corrugated pipe ring stiffness testing machine is widely used to measure the ring stiffness of thermoplastic pipes and FRP pipes with annular cross-section, and the layout is slightly accelerated

from the perspective of environmental protection and healthy products, the market pattern has also undergone great changes. First of all, with the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection and health, the market demand is more humanistic. Environmentally friendly and healthy products have been favored by consumers. Food poisoning incidents, toy poisoning incidents and export furniture recall incidents have attracted the unanimous attention of the government, enterprises and consumers; Second, green home furnishings, green buildings and green building materials have formed a national policy and a fashion. The promotion of health value and environmental protection value calls for water-based paint products; Third, the export green environmental protection barrier has become an important means for countries all over the world to protect their own interests. The environmental protection and health of export products have become universally recognized rules. These are conducive to the development of waterborne coatings

at the same time, from the perspective of market space, it is also an excellent opportunity for the industrialization progress of water-based coatings

we know that there are three engines driving China's economy to return to the path of high-speed growth: first, the rapid development of urbanization; Second, the development of farm domestic demand market; Third, the development of the service industry. This is also an important magic weapon for China to resolve the impact of the financial crisis. In the development of urbanization, several key words are closely related to the development of water-based coatings, that is, urban upgrading and ecological environmental protection. With the improvement of the general awareness of environmental protection and health in China, both in the process of urbanization and in the consumption trend of the market, the two words are health and environmental protection. IKEA took the lead in proposing that the coating of all furniture will be fully water-based from September 2009, which is a good signal. More importantly, it will have an industrial demonstration effect, which undoubtedly has a positive and far-reaching impact on the industrialization of water-based coatings in China

4 from the technical level, the industrialization of water-based coatings is inseparable from the continuous development of technology. The research on the hydration of Waterborne Wood Coatings in China has a history of more than ten years. There has been a considerable progress from resin development to coating preparation, from small-scale monomer equipment production to large-scale production, from coating construction to construction equipment

in recent years, the technological development of water-based coatings has developed more rapidly under the promotion of policies and the pull of the market. Many enterprises with technical strength have stepped up the research and development of water-based coatings and achieved one by one. What is more gratifying is that water-based paint products have entered the national key project plan and achieved gratifying results. According to the most detailed information, at least two projects of the water-based coating industrialization base this year have entered the national plan to stimulate domestic demand, and their investment is unprecedented

another noteworthy thing is that the huge market of China's water-based coatings is also in direct proportion to the elastic deformation, which has attracted the high attention of a large number of international coating giants and introduced their products into the Chinese market, which undoubtedly plays an important role in promoting and supplementing the development of China's water-based coatings industrialization

in short, in the face of crisis, the development of water-based coatings is facing an important development opportunity. How to grasp the opportunity and accelerate the industrialization process of water-based coatings in China is an important topic for the industry and an important task for the development of enterprises. I believe that as long as we grasp this business opportunity, the future will be bright

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