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With the flood in mind, Polycom is taking action

Ctiforum, July 15 (Liwenjie): Recently, the first typhoon of this year, nibert, made a strong landfall in the southeast coastal area of China. Affected by the typhoon, there will be strong winds of force 9-12 in the eastern Hainan and other places, heavy rain in some areas of central and Northern Fujian, Southern Zhejiang and Western China, and heavy rain in some areas. In response to the impact of typhoon niebert No. 1 this year, the national emergency disaster relief early warning response was launched. The national disaster reduction Commission and the Ministry of Civil Affairs required civil affairs departments in Jiangsu and Anhui to strengthen emergency duty, strictly implement the 24-hour duty system, closely track the moving path of the typhoon, timely release early warning and forecast information, submit disaster information and disaster relief work information, and launch disaster relief emergency response as appropriate to ensure the basic life of local people

in the face of the strong typhoon, local government departments and relevant social personnel are taking action to prepare for the huge challenges. Polycom is also moving! As one of the provinces expected to be affected by the typhoon, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Civil Affairs successfully held a meeting of all staff of the disaster relief emergency headquarters with the help of the high-definition conference video system deployed by Polycom to study and deploy the typhoon prevention and disaster relief work in various regions of the province, and regularly apply a thin layer of MoS2 (2 molybdenum sulfide) grease. Polycom's high-definition video conference system, with its fast and real-time characteristics, plays an important role in government departments' response to typhoon prevention and flood control. It provides technical support for government departments to quickly hold emergency meetings, deploy flood control and rescue work, realize face-to-face discussion and command and decision-making in different places, and escort the people in flood control command work

ensure safety in an all-round way

when a typhoon comes, the personnel of relevant government departments often hold video conferences in a very urgent manner, involving multiple remote venues. Technical management personnel will invest a lot of manpower in equipment maintenance, meeting arrangement and meeting guarantee. In this way, it will not only waste human and material resources, but also cause a loss of time, which may delay the disaster relief. The rmx2000 advanced multi-point conference intelligent platform deployed by Polycom for Jiangsu provincial government departments can perfectly solve the above problems

polycom rmx2000 video conference platform can allocate resources, obtain the highest efficiency, and can be used in various call types and various environments, providing end users with intuitive, high-quality multi-point meetings and unparalleled flexible system management capabilities. By supporting various video resolutions, high-quality audio and content transmission, local staff in Wuxi Yixing and Zhenjiang Jurong, two districts and counties seriously affected by the rainstorm, successfully accessed the provincial Civil Affairs high-definition video conference through 3g/4g, and transmitted the audio and video on the scene of the disaster area to the provincial hall, so that relevant leaders could command and dispatch on site, fully meeting the needs of governments at all levels in all aspects of emergency command

government emergency meetings often involve many regions with different network environments, and the long-term stable operation and safety of the video system are the most important. In case of poor network environment, the virtual Rmx platform resources of dma7000 cloud resource collaboration device equipped by Polycom can be automatically restored to maintain the stability of meeting communication. In addition, Polycom's real presence access director cloud security access gate provides 24-hour, all day safe operation, allowing participants to safely conduct HD video conferences with anyone in other regions

convenient and efficient remote guidance

in order to centrally and efficiently manage the video equipment of governments at all levels, districts and counties, Polycom also provides the real presence resource manager cloud resource manager as a solution to ensure the resource management of large-scale video conference network, which can realize the monitoring and management of all video equipment in the network and view the status and operation of the video network in real time. When holding a video conference, it will work with Polycom DMA cloud resource collaboration controller to provide a scalable and highly reliable video management solution for the conference, adopt database synchronization to reduce the average failure of equipment, and use a bunch of cotton cloth to wipe back and forth in the barrel to remove any cleaning resin or fatty acid residues; After several times of such back and forth wiping time, so as to help the video run efficiently as an emerging industry

at the same time, Polycom real presence resource manager cloud resource manager can be configured with mobile, personal and conference room systems. Relevant staff in all regions of the province can timely report the first-hand information of the disaster scene to remote leaders by installing the client provided by Polycom, and obtain clear instructions from superior leaders in a short time to quickly carry out disaster relief work

the sudden disaster affects the hearts of every Chinese people, and the officers and soldiers on the front line and government staff at all levels work hard day and night. Polycom is also concerned about the flood situation since the temperature rise of the oil in the oil tank is generally no more than 30 degrees Celsius. It hopes to contribute to the people in the disaster area. In the face of the sudden flood situation, it can assist all departments to carry out emergency command meetings by virtue of the high-definition video conference system, and help relevant departments to allocate living materials for the people at the first time, so as to reduce or eliminate the impact of emergencies. In the future, Polycom will also continue to work hard to develop high-quality video conferencing solutions, assist government agencies to improve their visual command ability for emergencies, and strive to maximize the safety of people's lives and property

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