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He Xiaojun: intelligent competition focus shift system

on July 11, 2014, in the face of more and more peers beginning to pay attention to operating systems and software applications, he Xiaojun increasingly confirmed that paying attention to iuni OS at the beginning of the establishment of iuni is an honest strategy until they are broken

attach importance to software

iuni, an Internet manufacturer headquartered in Shenzhen, has only been more than 8 months since the formal brand communication meeting. However, since its establishment, this new manufacturer has insisted on making its own operating system iuni OS, and has taken a different path

unlike most ROMs on the market, iuni OS presents users with pure purity and does not preload any third-party applications. This means that even if there are more users, iuni will not get any quick money for pre installed applications. Before that, charging through pre installed applications has almost become a common means for manufacturers to make money

he Xiaojun not only insisted on iuni OS zero pre installation, but also invested more resources of more companies in this part of business. Last year, iuni had more than 50 people in charge of the development team of OS products, but now it has grown to nearly 100 people

why invest resources in a business that will not generate revenue

relying solely on the performance of hardware to meet the needs of consumers has begun to be a dead end. He Xiaojun explained that when hardware converges, it is necessary to make sufficient compensation and Optimization in software

in fact, in the past year, domestic manufacturers who have been fighting at the hardware level have begun to pay more attention to software products. A typical example is Nubia under ZTE. At the beginning of its launch, the manufacturer focused on hardware, but in March this year, the company said it would also launch its own operating system

according to liushichao, product director of iuni OS, manufacturers with operating system foundation will be easier to extend and expand the ecosystem in the future. If we only do hardware, it will be very difficult to build ecological relationships

increase promotion

in addition to supporting iuni U2 produced by itself, iuni company is also strengthening the adaptation of iuni OS to other popular products

in iuni's planning, it is obviously an important link to expand the user group of iuni OS by hoping to make profits through the operation of games, reading and other services in the future

he Xiaojun, general manager of iuni, said that the company is open to access to third-party services, but if you want to obtain large-scale revenue from operational services, you need to have at least one million users. Obviously, the current iuni does not have such a scale

according to the data of iuni background, there are about 100000 users running iuni OS at present. He Xiaojun revealed that in order to further promote iuni OS, how long will it take for the company to complete 20 impact test performance within this year? The official adaptation work of about models, including popular products such as Xiaomi and Yijia, "a thank-you letter from Harbin fifth hospital to Heilongjiang metrology verification and testing institute

in addition to more official adaptations, allowing consumers to actively brush iuni OS, iuni still hopes to gain users by selling more. He Xiaojun said

he Xiaojun stressed that for iuni, the important work at this stage is to do a good job in products. He said that the market environment has changed greatly, and the company needs to be more patient at this time

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