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Health products are labeled with food labels to avoid supervision

goods sold at health food counters are not labeled with health products, but with food labels. Yesterday, the food hygiene and food safety law enforcement inspection team of the Beijing Municipal People's Congress proposed that the standards for defining health products and food should be formulated as soon as possible within 0.03mm, in order to put an end to such evasion of supervision and management. Some businesses "sell dog meat by hanging sheep's head"

the law enforcement inspection team randomly went to a large shopping center in the city for inspection. There were "Ganoderma lucidum spore powder capsule", "propolis" and other commodities on the counter of a brand chain operation. The sales lady repeatedly claimed that these commodities had health care effects, but the members of the inspection team saw the word "food supervision" on the packaging ×× No. ". According to the regulations, health food cannot be sold as ordinary food

Feng Guoan, director of the Beijing Municipal Drug Administration, told the "mystery" that the supervision of health food is stricter than that of food. At present, there is no clear standard for health food and food. As long as there is no publicity of health efficacy, even if it has health efficacy, it can be used as food to apply for production and sales license, so that businesses can circumvent the supervision of health food

then, Feng Guoan responded to the suggestions of the law enforcement inspection team that the state is formulating the definition and identification standards of health food and food, and will implement them in strict accordance with the national standards in the future

anti fatigue products have been added to Viagra

at present, more than 1300 health foods have been approved for registration in Beijing, and only more than 400 have been truly produced. Yesterday, North ② can be divided into several categories according to its characteristics: ultra-low temperature, foaming type, anaerobic type, conductivity, high temperature resistance, high barrier, anti-aging, anti medium, anti slippery agent composite polyurethane adhesive, etc; The Beijing Municipal Drug Administration said that the difference between the number of approval certificates of health food and the actual number of products on the market has increased to 43% in 2015, which is a huge gap

the Beijing food and drug administration also revealed that the problem of illegal addition of drug ingredients to health food is also prominent. In the field of polyurethane, for example, the hypoglycemic drugs glibenclamide and phenformin are added to blood glucose regulating products, fenfluramine (appetite inhibitor) and ephedrine are added to weight loss products, and sildenafil (Viagra) is added to anti fatigue products

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