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Zoomlion is always ready to pay attention to Jiuzhaigou. At 21:19 on August 8, 2017, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake occurred in Jiuzhaigou County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province. The earthquake disaster has caused damage to some roads, houses, vehicles and casualties. According to the information disclosure Office of Aba Prefecture Government, after preliminary verification, as of 12:00 on August 10, the earthquake had killed 20 people and injured 431 people. The once beautiful "paradise on earth" is now plagued by natural disasters, which affects the hearts of many Chinese people

stand by and rush to the first-line disaster area at any time

Zoomlion excavator

Zoomlion 6 truck cranes, 2 excavators and 1 off-road equipment supply vehicle are on standby and rush to the first-line disaster area at any time

"deliver peace and hope" -- Zoomlion Jiuzhaigou disaster relief team is ready to rush to the front

natural disasters are unpredictable, and manpower can do it. Zoomlion, as a leading domestic construction machinery enterprise, immediately responded to the call of General Secretary Xi, urgently launched the emergency rescue guarantee mechanism, and set up the disaster relief preparatory working group of "Zoomlion Sichuan Jiuzhaigou" overnight. After discussion, the working group issued a preparation plan for aerospace emergency rescue to 2. Because the jaws of the hydraulic universal pressure testing machine are often used by the product lines of Zoomlion engineering machinery group, and appointed Yang Changkang, deputy general manager of Zoomlion Southwest Branch, as the front-line commander of disaster relief. "In the equipment remote monitoring system, Zoomlion technicians locked the cranes and excavators near the Jiuzhaigou disaster area through the GPS terminal positioning of each equipment, and thus contacted the equipment owner to quickly coordinate, transport and assemble the equipment." Yang Changkang, deputy general manager, said, "when local agents and customers heard of the front-line disaster relief, they all expressed their great willingness and actively cooperated with the action."

On the morning of September 9, the "Zoomlion Jiuzhaigou earthquake relief and rescue team", consisting of 6 truck cranes, 2 excavators and 1 off-road equipment supply vehicle, assembled outside the disaster area. The rescue personnel of Zoomlion contacted the emergency office of Aba Prefecture Government at the first time. The other party highly recognized and thanked Zoomlion for its timely response and rapid support to the Jiuzhaigou disaster area, and asked the rescue team to stand by at any time and wait for the notice of the rescue headquarters

the voice of the Jiuzhaigou earthquake relief team of Zoomlion:

"give our true love and fully support the people in the disaster area!"

"all of us gathered near the affected people overnight, and we are willing to advance into the disaster area as soon as necessary!" Xu Youwei, member of Zoomlion rescue team and manager of Zoomlion Sichuan Branch, said. According to the rescue team members participating in Zoomlion this time, the company will also carry out a drill course on common sense of earthquake self rescue when organizing daily training. The team members hope to remind all friends in the disaster area through the media: "When encountering an earthquake, first of all, don't panic. Please make a choice to ensure safety quickly according to your environment, hide under a strong table with a low center of gravity, and firmly grasp the legs of the table. When there is no table for hiding, anyway, you should protect your head with cushions and other objects; secondly, if encountering an earthquake on the street, you should protect your head with your hands, quickly stay away from the building and go to the middle of the street; and if after the earthquake Unfortunately, you are buried under the ruins. Try to stay calm and try to save yourself. When you can't escape, you should save your physical strength, try your best to find water and food, and create living conditions. " At the same time, it also provides various equipment information

according to Yang Changkang, deputy general manager, Zoomlion currently has a batch of disaster relief equipment under emergency preparation, which will be transported to the disaster area at any time in accordance with the requirements of the emergency office of Aba Prefecture Government. "At the same time, we would like to express our gratitude to Chengdu Zoomlion Rongsheng Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Fujia Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., which actively responded to the company's call and took the lead in participating in the Jiuzhaigou rescue." (this article is from Zoomlion)

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