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Xinhua headline: Xuzhou Chengdong, XCMG, XCMG

Xinhua headline: Xuzhou Chengdong, XCMG XCMG

China Construction machinery information

the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China is also the 30th anniversary of XCMG. Xinhua entered XCMG, interviewed chairman Wang Min and made a special report, reviewed the development process of Xuzhou and XCMG, and showed the fighting style of XCMG's high-quality development and helping the construction of the central city of Xuzhou Huaihai economic zone

Xuzhou, which is struggling, is like a Mercedes Benz sports car. The main engine of this car is in the east of the city. Here, sitting in Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone and high-speed rail new city, it shines with loud names - national eco industrial demonstration park, national new energy characteristic industry base, overseas talent China entrepreneurship demonstration base...

because of the existence of an enterprise, it has become the core area of the capital of construction machinery in China

during the "1025" period, it was XCMG group

this year, XCMG group ushered in its 30th anniversary. From a local state-owned enterprise to the sixth largest in the world, XCMG has shown the style of a big country on the world stage, which also helps Xuzhou, an old industrial base, move forward bravely

On September 3, a big news was released in Beijing. On the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers in 2019, XCMG ranked sixth in the world and Chinese funded enterprises ranked first

for XCMG, this is a great achievement; For Xuzhou, this is a proud honor

as an industrial city, the real economy is the lifeblood of Xuzhou. If the real economy thrives, Xuzhou thrives. The 100 billion level construction machinery sector led by XCMG is not only one of Xuzhou's leading industries, but also a shining business card of Xuzhou

"XCMG is expected to achieve mass production next year, helping you succeed!" Many years ago, an advertising slogan of XCMG group resounded throughout the country. How many people know XCMG and how many more know Xuzhou. To some extent, XCMG is a symbol of Xuzhou industry. Walking in the east of the city, more than 20 XCMG branches are inlaid, and rows of golden XCMG mechanical booms pierce the sky, as if inlaying a layer of Phnom Penh for the city

just as FAW is to Changchun and FAW is to Shiyan, an enterprise and a city have already been deeply integrated. The same is true of XCMG and Xuzhou. In the 1960s, the first truck crane and the first road roller in China were born in XCMG, and a 120 ° diamond cone step has laid the industrial position of Xuzhou. In 1989, as a model of national collectivization reform, XCMG group was established, sounding a new horn for Xuzhou to deepen reform and opening up

especially in the past 20 years, XCMG has handed over beautiful transcripts, which have witnessed the economic development process of Xuzhou

more than 700000 construction machines have been sold in total; Every 25 minutes, a crane is assembled offline; XCMG accounts for 50% of mobile cranes in China and 30% in the world

independent innovation has overcome a number of key industrialization technologies, and has developed more than 100 domestic first sets of major equipment. The products cover 14 categories and 70 lines, showing the world XCMG's "hard power"

develop Hanyun industrial Internet platform, realize product life cycle management, and let the world see XCMG's "light work" in the information field


this is the performance of XCMG, which also gives Xuzhou more confidence - XCMG, the founder, pioneer and leader of China's construction machinery industry, has created the six most recognized in China's construction machinery industry - the longest history, the largest scale, the most complete host product line and key parts, the strongest innovation ability, the largest total export volume and the highest degree of internationalization

"I have worked in XCMG for nearly 47 years and served as the number one for 20 years. I always have a dream to contribute a world-class national brand to Xuzhou and China!" As a native of Xuzhou, Wang Min's hometown has strong feelings and strong ambition to serve the country

cheer for XCMG and add luster to Xuzhou --

that day will always be remembered by the people of Xuzhou. p>

"we must always attach great importance to the development of electronic universal experimental machines produced by current domestic mainstream experimental machine manufacturers to expand the real economy, and we cannot take a single development, from real to virtual." "To develop the real economy, we must do a good job in the manufacturing industry. At present, we must pay special attention to innovation driven, master and apply key technologies." The cordial care of the general secretary is a great encouragement to XCMG and points out the direction for XCMG

at that time, the construction machinery industry was undergoing a period of deep adjustment. After the "golden decade" before 2012, the "winter" of the construction machinery industry suddenly came. XCMG stood up, practiced his internal skills hard, hardened with ice and fire, and reborn from nirvana

as expected by the general secretary, XCMG ushered in the spring of high-quality development. In 2018, XCMG achieved an annual operating revenue of more than 100 billion yuan, of which the main revenue increased by 41.2% year-on-year, the total export volume increased by 22% year-on-year, and the profit increased by 89.9% year-on-year. In the first half of this year, various indicators continued to grow steadily

XCMG will never forget that behind its achievements, it is inseparable from the care and support of leaders at all levels and the whole society

in January this year, Lou Qinjian, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, came to XCMG to learn more about the latest situation of enterprise production and operation, technological innovation, honors, market layout and so on. Lou Qinjian pointed out that XCMG's experience is to innovate and develop, and to participate in global competition from a world-class perspective, so as to become specialized, refined and strong industries, and develop with high standards and high quality

In February, Zhuang Zhaolin, mayor of Xuzhou, said during XCMG's research that he would unswervingly support XCMG group to become bigger and stronger and speed up the construction of a world-class R & D and manufacturing base for construction machinery

in March, Zhou tiegen, Secretary of Xuzhou municipal Party committee, took out the product model of XCMG for promotion during the media interview during the two sessions of the National People's Congress, and cheered for XCMG and Xuzhou's real economy

last year, Xuzhou issued 21 policies and measures to support the development of XCMG and help XCMG speed up the building of a world-class equipment manufacturing enterprise


someone once asked Wang Min how XCMG, a municipal local enterprise located in Northern Jiangsu, can become a "national team" of equipment manufacturing and have a place in the global industry? Wang Min said, "an important reason is that the Xuzhou municipal Party committee and government are open-minded, fully trust and authorize XCMG, and let us swim in the sea of market economy."

nowadays, Xuzhou's support for XCMG has risen to a new level. Zhou tiegen said that supporting XCMG to become bigger and stronger is a political task to implement the important instructions of the general secretary, the need to create a development sample of state-owned enterprises, and an important part of Xuzhou's implementation of industrial development strategy

a new XCMG is rising and will surely create more wonderful things for Xuzhou. People have reason to believe that Xuzhou is lucky to have XCMG! XCMG is lucky to be in Xuzhou

help XCMG climb the peak and promote Xuzhou to rise --

all the past is a prelude. XCMG will not be satisfied and Xuzhou will not stop. A road of globalization leading to five continents is being paved in Pengcheng

on January 18 this year, the first "Xuzhou" China Europe train loaded with XCMG products successfully opened up a safe, efficient and convenient foreign trade "through train" between XCMG and overseas customers

XCMG today has already spread its "circle of friends" all over the world. Taking Xuzhou as the starting point, XCMG sold its products to 183 countries and regions, and built four overseas R & D centers and five overseas manufacturing bases in Germany, the United States, Brazil and other places. In April this year, at the BMW Munich exhibition, known as the "Olympics" of construction machinery, XCMG made a wonderful debut with 16 innovative products, won orders of more than 100 million yuan, and reached a cooperation intention with two famous companies in Germany and Russia to enter the high-end market in Europe

XCMG, it's a good time. Today's Xuzhou, with the superposition of opportunities and strong development, has set sail for XCMG's "going to sea"

at present, according to the requirements of the provincial Party committee, Xuzhou is resolutely getting rid of the "prefecture level city thinking", breaking the traditional "Northern Jiangsu consciousness" and unloading the "burden" of the old industrial base. Xuzhou has a broad vision - to play a leading role in the rise of Subei depression, a demonstration role in the country's old industrial base cities, a leading role in the development of Huaihai Economic Zone, and a supporting role in the construction of the intersection of the "the Belt and Road"

from the provincial level, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government proposed to focus on building 13 advanced manufacturing industrial clusters such as construction machinery, and strive to make the comprehensive influence of four industrial clusters such as construction machinery reach the world-class level by 2025

jump out of Xuzhou to see Xuzhou and compete globally. XCMG is the "vanguard" of Xuzhou to the world

time waits for no man, seize the momentum. In the new development plan, Xuzhou pays attention to improving the level of urban modernization and internationalization, aiming at the energy level of big cities, and promoting more reasonable urban functional zoning and more scientific planning and layout

XCMG proposed to rank among the top five and top three in the global construction machinery industry in 2020 and 2025 respectively! Speaking of this, Wang Min sighed with thousands of emotions: "to make Chinese enterprises into a truly world-class enterprise and commit to the summit of Mount Everest is the greatest loyalty and the best reward to the party and the people!"

XCMG, ready! Xuzhou, ready

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