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Health home appliances are "hot" as needed or become new points in the industry

with the improvement of people's living standards and their understanding of health and hygiene, consumers began to think of the primacy of the added value of products in health when purchasing home appliances, and were willing to pay a certain amount of money to adopt this function, thus giving birth to the division of the industry into the sub category of health, and home appliance enterprises began to cultivate and grow on this sub category

Ankang household appliances are "hot" in response to demand.

when visiting home appliance stores in our district, such as Shayuan, Suning, Gome, it was found that many traditional household appliance products have been wrapped in novel packaging, and the functions of products have gradually become "unconventional"

in the counter in Jiuyang, I saw a wall breaking machine that was stopping the special promotion of 799 yuan. It looked like a juicer, but the price almost doubled. Sales staff Miss Zhang introduced to us that this is a home appliance product that can make fruit juice, soybean milk, milkshakes, baby complementary foods, sesame paste and energy soup

Miss Zhang also introduced the operation of the machine to the tree mold on site. Although the product has a single function, the operation is not huge. It only needs to put the raw materials into the main cup, twist the button to select the production function of the care. After pressing the switch, the machine will operate by itself, and it can be drunk after the machine stops. Miss Zhang told: "now there are more people in the market who buy these products than before, and everyone feels that it is really convenient to sell them at home than outside."

interviewed Lu MIS, who is trying to drink soymilk, she said: "the child is about to be born, and she wants to buy a soymilk machine. She usually drinks soymilk for an ordinary breakfast, which is more nutritious and healthy than outside." Interviewed a number of local residents who are selecting Juicers and soymilk machines. They all think that the soymilk and fruit juice they make at home are more healthy for them than those sold outside. At least, they control the raw materials, sugar and mechanical washing

then, leaving Midea's counter, I found that in addition to the electric fans and air-conditioning fans that are the main ones in summer, there are also floor sweepers and air polluters in the counter. The floor sweeper is all round in color. Its output is a pulse voltage shaped chassis with the same frequency as the alternating load and its pulse width is proportional to the error voltage. The new floor sweeper has a rare light yellow light format, as well as a fashionable format wrapped with a metal frame, two or three colors. The cost ranges from 599 yuan to 1599 yuan. The format of air polluters has evolved from a rare wide flat cube to a cylindrical and rectangular cylinder

according to Wei miesi, a sales staff member, the requirements of miniaturization of pulley and reduction of the width of wheel and belt have been advocated for air polluters as early as the same time. At present, the market has become mature and stable. With the current situation of air quality, air polluters are basically in rigid demand all year round. In the fourth decoration season and the new house occupation season around the Spring Festival, the demand is surging

Ankang or Cheng industry will add new points in the future

from the Q1 economic situation of this year, the layout of international consumption is optimizing, and the pace of consumers moving towards the middle and primary consumption level is accelerating. The demand of consumers for household appliances is no longer limited to the basic living needs, but pays more attention to the quality, added value and incidental functions of products. The demand for warmth and fashion is also constantly improving. The upgrading of domestic demand has mobilized the production and growth of enterprises, So as to drive the increase of Ankang market segment

according to the total data of zhongyikang push, the wholesale volume of vacuum cleaners in the first quarter of 2016 increased by 31.1% year-on-year, the wholesale volume of blenders in the first quarter of 2016 increased by 71.4% year-on-year, and the wholesale volume of air pollutants also increased by 40.9% year-on-year. It is not difficult to find that after the traditional household appliances are given the health function based on the conventional function, the product sales can be increased rapidly in the market, and the sales prospect is not elegant, and it is expected to become a new addition point of the household appliance industry in the future

in recent years, the home appliance market has shown an unhealthy cycle - in order to compete for the market, enterprises suppress production costs to reduce prices, and the lack of profits directly leads to the lag of production research and development and slow product upgrading. An industrialist said, "the consumer's rigid need for the function of the product should be the hard reason to comfort the increase of the product. Blindly fighting the price will only kill itself for a long time, and the product and quality are the real time."

when the idea of "interconnection +" was put forward, all walks of life began to take advantage of it, and it automatically improved from its integration level; When the speed drops below 70km/h, all kinds of household appliances begin to build joint functions, but the germination of the health function is inconsistent. This function is largely based on the increasing needs of the people in the city. Therefore, the health function of household appliances has a stable consumer base

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