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Lovol agricultural machinery held 2021 dealer service skills training activities in Central China

Lovol agricultural machinery held 202 and then powered on 1 dealer service skills training activities in Central China

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as the core strategic market of Lovol forage machinery business, in order to better improve the maintenance skills of terminal dealer service personnel, To meet the terminal operation guidance, Lovol agricultural machinery business department has recently organized and implemented dealer service skill training activities in the Central Plains region on the basis of fully doing enough epidemic prevention and control

it is reported that the trainees of the first training activity in 2021 included the user representatives of Lovol baler dealers and cooperatives in Henan and Anhui, with a total of more than 20 participants

this training combines the main products of Lovol forage machinery in the Central Plains and adopts the method of theory + practice to make the trainees become a comprehensive practitioner who understands products and services. After 4 days of systematic training, the trainees finally implemented the evaluation and certification and issued the completion certificate. The passing rate of this training activity reached more than 95%

at the same time, Lovol agricultural machinery has customized a set of professional teaching programs in different regions in combination with the improvement of terminal service skills, The training program includes theory (product knowledge, structural principle, hydraulic and electronic control fault diagnosis, tractor coupling principle, basic agronomic knowledge) and practical courses (tractor coupling, hydraulic and electronic control simulation fault debugging, key core parts disassembly and assembly, but at present most of the skylight is still glass replacement), practical operation is the main, theory is the auxiliary, and all links of terminal operation mode design are fully combined and simulated, Ensure the effective implementation of training activities

it is understood that Lovol agricultural machinery will hold monthly service skill training activities, continue to unite with various high-quality resources, invite agricultural experts and excellent practitioners to provide dealers and users with more experience sharing, improve user experience, cultivate more service elites, and promote regional agricultural development

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