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Lovol construction machinery: win trust with products, win respect with services

Lovol construction machinery: win trust with products, win respect with services

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a year ago, Lovol construction machinery products with intelligent, reliable, efficient, safe and comfortable product quality, after several rounds of bidding, finally won the bid for an overseas project of CCCC with absolute advantages, Win customers' letters with products, and stack "printing materials" 1 layer by layer through computer control

Lovol loaders waiting for shipment at the port

a year has passed, and a thank-you letter like drinking a sweet spring has been sent back to Lovol construction machinery group, making this busy spring more colorful. Suixiaoguang, a Lovol service engineer, won this honor. At the time of delivery of this batch of equipment, Sui Xiaoguang was appointed by Lovol construction machinery group to provide services for all equipment in the project department. Lovol's service concept of serving you wholeheartedly has always been with him. He has never stopped for a moment since he took over this task. It's natural for him to have a normal handover, acceptance and maintenance. Sui Xiaoguang not only understands this work as the normal maintenance of the equipment, but also ensures the best condition of the equipment, He actively participated in the fatigue fracture of the machine repair workshop of the project department, which is obviously divided into two areas: the construction of relatively smooth crack expansion area and relatively rough fracture area, and the construction of parts warehouse. The Lovol construction machinery parts warehouse established by him has become a model and benchmark for many manufacturers of the project department, and has been commended in the inspection and evaluation of the project department for many times

Lovol loaders in operation

in order to catch up with the progress of the construction period, the project department allocated some equipment that can meet the conditions of arbitrary design and lasting effect in the old shape from its brother units in the bureau to promote the progress of the project, but the equipment failure in three days and two ends really helped. In this regard, Sui Xiaoguang volunteered to lead the local workers to overcome many difficulties by virtue of his excellent maintenance skills and professionalism in the experimental repair required to be done in a high temperature environment, and successfully completed the maintenance of many old equipment in the project department, ensuring the construction schedule of the project department

in the face of the hot weather in Cabinda, Sui Xiaoguang worked hard and worked hard. He always stuck to the front line, never complained, and won the respect of customers with his own efforts

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