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Lovol construction machinery: "Neixiu" in the heart "Longteng" outside

Lovol construction machinery: "Neixiu" in the heart "Longteng" outside

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Guide: like the late spring in the climate, the climate of domestic construction machinery in the first quarter of 2013 was still warm and cold. However, as one of the fastest-growing enterprises of domestic construction machinery, Foton Lovol heavy industry has continued to promote the development of

like the late spring in the climate, the microclimate of domestic construction machinery in the first quarter of 2013 was still warm and cold. However, as one of the fastest-growing domestic construction machinery enterprises, Foton Lovol heavy industry has continued to promote the upgrading of operation and management capabilities and implement the product brand project by adhering to the development main line of "Capacity Upgrading and product brand project" since 2013. In January, Lovol excavator sales reached 1366 units, with a year-on-year increase of 22.84% in the case of a 21.5% decline in the excavator industry, jumping to the top three domestic brands; Lovol loaders with new etx+ technology have achieved hot sales in many regional markets; Lovol auger sales increased by 50% year-on-year, and its three major construction machinery businesses achieved a good start in the first quarter

Foton Lovol excavator shipment

upgrade product technology and performance to meet market demand

especially the thickness boundary condition B 2.5 of fracture toughness test samples can always meet the requirements of entry 2 Since March 3, Foton Lovol heavy industry has further promoted the production and utilization of waterborne polyurethane, solvent-free and other ecological synthetic leather. There is a busy scene in the plant area of Qingdao factory. On March 10 alone, Lovol excavator achieved nearly 200 sets of machines at the wealth creation promotion conference held in Jiangxi, Chengdu, Nanjing and Yunnan. Wang Weixian, deputy general manager of Foton Lovol heavy industry, told that the growth of Lovol excavator against the trend proved the rapid improvement of the overall competitiveness of Lovol excavator, which is the result of implementing the brand-name project strategy, improving product performance and achieving competitive growth according to market demand

in order to promote the leapfrog development of Lovol excavator business, Foton Lovol heavy industry adopted the strategic measure of "consulting the market in detail and improving product performance" in 2013 to enhance market competitiveness. "Without good products, no matter how good marketing means are, there is nothing we can do; without product guarantee, it is impossible to achieve a sales breakthrough." Zhao Zhigang, deputy chief engineer of Foton Lovol heavy industry, said, "as a research and development department, we should constantly carry out product development and improvement, and we should prepare for the rainy season."

Lovol excavator continues the research and development idea of "energy conservation, environmental protection, intelligence and efficiency", and everything in research and development is from the perspective of customers to meet their needs. Zhao Zhigang said that in meeting the needs of customers, Lovol excavator has implemented a "trilogy", that is, the R & D personnel go to the market, look at the operating conditions of excavators, ask the excavator owner, make friends with the machine operator, and listen to the voice of customers; Please come to the factory to hold a symposium to exchange experience and reflect product design problems; The R & D personnel personally drive the excavator to experience the performance and comfort of the product, so as to truly perceive and understand the needs of users

in order to comprehensively improve Lovol excavator's "energy conservation, environmental protection, intelligence and efficiency", at present, Foton Lovol heavy industry has built a Lovol excavator R & D team with more than 200 people to seize the commanding height of development in the new round of technological and industrial revolution, of which Japanese experts account for 5%, industry experts and senior engineers account for 12%, laying a solid foundation for the continuous upgrading of R & D capabilities

to meet the market demand in the peak season, Lovol excavator has carried out 100% technical upgrading and upgrading of its products, and launched new products such as fr225e and fr80g. On the basis of inheriting the technical quality of "more reliable, safer and more comfortable", the product is more energy-saving, intelligent and efficient, so that users can really feel the change of the product

Zhao Zhigang said that at present, Lovol series excavators apply the self-developed EDS excavator core control technology to realize the best adaptive matching of power, hydraulic pressure and load, achieve "what you get is what you need", realize the minimum energy consumption and the highest operation efficiency, and apply GPS remote monitoring technology, which has the anti demolition and anti-theft function, remotely display the working state of the excavator, intelligent diagnosis, and realize the intelligent monitoring of the equipment by users, The efficiency of fault resolution is significantly improved, which greatly meets the needs of users

37 year old Zhang Yonghong was originally a migrant worker, but now he has seven Lovol excavators with a total asset of 3million, which is less than three years after he bought the first Lovol excavator. The purchase of seven Lovol excavators in three years is not only out of love for Foton Lovol heavy industry, but also the recognition of Lovol excavator performance. "For the users who buy excavators, it is most important to use the products, recover the costs and create profits as soon as possible. I use Lovol's machines, and I can do a good job without delaying others' construction period. Everyone will feel relieved to give me the work. Therefore, from the first project, my work has not been stopped, and there has always been a demand. There are also customers who don't know me at the beginning, and they need to enter their projects from the beginning It's imported equipment, but later I told them with my own experience that Lovol's machines can do well or even better. Slowly, the employer of these projects will confidently hand over the project to me. " Zhang Yonghong spoke about his desire to use Lovol excavators over the years

"etx+" creates green and energy-saving competitive advantages

in 2013, the "China's first loader hip-hop dance Lovol style sings China" tour organized by Foton Lovol heavy industry loader division was in full swing across the country. The protagonist of the exhibition tour is Lovol f l955f-etx+ excavator in the experiment of universal tensile testing machine, which was innovated and developed by Foton Lovol heavy industry for four years. In the first quarter, this Lovol fl955f-etx+ product with the new "etx+" technology accounted for 35% of the overall sales of Lovol loaders. In addition to the "safer, more comfortable and more reliable" performance guarantee of Lovol ETX loaders, the upgrading of this energy-saving technology obviously boosted the needs of users and was highly recognized by the market

etx+ series loaders adopt a new low-speed high torque engine and multi-stage power control system, which effectively improves the traction and speed. The new dual pump confluence technology enables Lovol etx+ loaders to save up to 8%-10% more fuel than conventional loaders in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection, and can be called the green energy-saving pioneer in the loader market

in terms of R & D and design concept, etx+ not only inherits the technical quality of ETX "more reliable, safer and more comfortable", but also upgrades energy-saving technology and intelligent technology. This "+" means "more energy-saving", which highlights the interests and emotional needs of users

in addition to etx+ series new products, in the development of low-carbon and energy-saving construction machinery, Foton Lovol heavy industries' Lovol LNG loader products, which are at the forefront of the industry, also achieved a good market reputation in the first quarter. In 2012, Foton Lovol heavy industries took the lead in launching Lovol LNG loaders fueled by liquefied natural gas in China. Lovol LNG Loaders' hourly operating cost is only 60% - 70% of that of ordinary diesel loaders. One loader "can save an Audi A6 in two years". The engine has achieved no carbon deposition and remarkable effect of environmental protection and energy saving, which represents the latest achievement of environmental protection and energy-saving product development in China's construction machinery industry

in 2012, user Li Yunfeng purchased a Lovol LNG loader. Over the past year, this Lovol LNG loader has reduced the operating cost of Li Yunfeng by 400000 ~ 500000 yuan. Li Yunfeng said that I believe that the use cost is one of the main factors that most users consider when purchasing equipment. Lovol LNG loader uses natural gas to replace diesel, which is cheaper than diesel. At the same time, it also eliminates the problem of increased costs due to rising oil prices, which is the most affordable for users

strengthen the brand service concept and innovate the service mode

in 2013, Foton Lovol heavy industry continuously upgraded the brand service of "Lovol service, wholeheartedly for you", and put forward the service concept of "all-weather, whole process and all-round" and the service specification of "standardization, kinship, personalization and specialization"; Lovol service is equipped with expert service team, sufficient service vehicles, sufficient maintenance parts and other resources, and provides 24-hour nanny service by using advanced network interaction platform and other service methods

through the innovation of service mode and service concept, the service response time of Lovol excavator has been shortened from 24 hours to 12 hours; Lovol rotary drill is also the first to use the CID standardized service mode with the requirements of "time limited solution, active notification and expert consultation" in the industry. It is also the first to provide users of Lovol rotary drill with 1000 hours of free compulsory maintenance, 100 monthly inspections, full process construction method support for drilling rig construction, as well as four information services and six major customer care projects, including logistics information, engineering information, accessories information and machine operator information. The upgrading of service concept and service mode has provided sufficient support for the hot sales of Lovol construction machinery products

Futian Lovol excavator peak season production line

Futian Lovol loader peak season production line

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