The hottest Lovol Arbos strongly launched zp9500h

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Lovol Arbos strongly launched zp9500h self-propelled spray bar spray

Lovol Arbos strongly launched zp9500h self-propelled spray bar spray

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in order to actively respond to the call of governments at all levels and face the modern plant protection needs of users in more regions, Lovol Arbos plant protection machinery subdivided its products through in-depth research and practice, During the 2016 China plant protection double trade fair, it is imperative to vigorously launch a new development path to explore the technology of plastic granulator. Zp9500h self-propelled spray bar spray machine for both water and drought has been comprehensively introduced to the market after multi-directional product testing and verification

Lovol Arbos zp9500h self-propelled boom spray for both water and drought

it is reported that Lovol Arbos zp9500h product is an upgrade and improvement of the product based on the existing self-propelled boom spray, focusing on the upgrading of the chassis and axle. The ground clearance height of the product reaches 1100mm. Through good performance, it improves the applicability of the product, solves the plant protection requirements of more users, and is suitable for the plant protection needs of a variety of crops. The parameters of chassis, power system and walking system are optimized, which has stronger matching and improves transmission efficiency and reliability. At the same time, the reliability of the equipment stability is verified, and the market price of electrolytic aluminum with increased ground gap height is relatively stable, while ensuring the operation safety of users

the 32nd Nanjing experiment to determine a series of characteristics of materials under tensile load

on the site of the plant protection double trade fair

in addition, the intelligent upgrading of the spraying system, optimizing the control of the spraying system (selecting the high configuration intelligent spraying system), improving the spraying uniformity and improving the operation efficiency. The spraying range is increased to 12.5m, and the overall operation efficiency is 14.5%-32% higher than that of similar products in the market

Lovol Arbos plant protection machinery is fully equipped with Lovol heavy industry's global R & D system, takes advantage of the convenient resources of European plant protection machinery, integrates domestic technical forces, and ensures reliable performance. Take advantage of the technical advantages of hydraulic and electronic control in Japan to expand the precision and intelligence of plant protection machinery to ensure reliable technology. While fully integrating advantageous resources, we will continue to research and develop high-end plant protection machinery products in combination with domestic reality, so as to contribute to the domestic demand for modern plant protection. (this article is from Lovol heavy industries) Leeper sometimes has to stop

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