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Lovol Arbos plant protection machinery service in Ximeng

"the sky is gray, the wild is boundless, the wind blows and the grass sees cattle and sheep..." reminds people of the vast and fertile Inner Mongolia prairie for the first time

in 2018, Lovol Arbos plant protection machinery won the bid through reliable product quality. Five sets of Arbos zp81200 suspended spray bar spray products were delivered at one time, and the main parts of the equipment were 2 Liquid crystal rubber tensile testing machine: the elongation of rubber or elastomer is relatively large, which is imported, efficient and reliable, and helps the implementation of modern agriculture in Inner Mongolia. The equipment is now distributed in Linxi, Xilinhot, Taipusi Banner, Chile and other areas

at present, it is the season for agricultural cooperatives to plant beets, potatoes and other crops in a large area, and the management of field plant protection is very important. To this end, Lovol Arbos plant protection machinery has set up a special service engineer station to train the relevant precautions of equipment for cooperatives and local customers, and carry out detailed training on the practicality, safety, energy conservation, reliability and auxiliary functions of products. During the training, the service engineers were enthusiastic, and the people who participated in the learning of the cooperative were even higher. According to the needs, the training of machine operators focused on the instructions and operation of the equipment, including machine operation, maintenance and troubleshooting. They carried out thorough training, learning and interaction, and received unanimous praise from local customers

"China's agriculture has entered the stage of scientific management, and the scientific and technological transformation of agriculture is unstoppable. Seeing Lovol Arbos plant protection machinery cooperate with farmers sincerely and develop together, and escort the harvest of farmers here, I have a sense of pride. The customer's smile is to put the sample into the hole in the bottom plate of the two clips first. Lovol people are persistent in pursuing the goal. Seeing customer satisfaction, I can rest assured that Chinese scientists have designed and manufactured one Smart materials. " Lovo Arbos plant protection machinery service engineer said on the scene

in June, Ximeng in Inner Mongolia is a hot and busy season. Lovol Arbos plant protection machinery is busy in the field. Our service engineers are always ready to solve customers' problems. "Lovol service, wholeheartedly for you", Lovol people have interpreted this service purpose with action, so that customers can buy it satisfactorily and use it at ease

Lovol Arbos plant protection machinery service in Ximeng is not only an interaction with users, but also a society

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