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Lovol construction machinery held the 2019 supplier annual meeting

one night, the north wind, snow, auspicious years. Recently, Lovol construction machinery 2019 supplier annual meeting was held in Qingdao. Wang Guimin, chairman and general manager of Lovol heavy industries, Wang Bin, deputy general manager and general manager of Lovol heavy industries, and Lovol engineering have more participation from foreign exhibitors. The machinery R & D management team gathered with supplier partners from all over the world to review and summarize the business gains and losses in 2018 and make a strategic plan for the supply system in 2019

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in 2018, driven by multiple factors such as infrastructure construction, mining recovery, environmental protection and urban and rural construction, China's construction machinery market is in a high-speed rising stage, in which the annual sales volume of excavators is expected to reach 200000 units, creating a record high. At the same time, Chinese construction machinery brands have risen rapidly in the fierce market competition, product performance and reliability have increased steadily, customer acceptance has become higher and higher, and industrial competitiveness has increased significantly

At the military order signing and flag awarding meeting, Wang Guimin, chairman and general manager of Lovol heavy industries, delivered a keynote speech entitled "seizing opportunities, breaking through technological quality upgrading, symbiosis and win-win". President Wang said that Lovol heavy industries will unswervingly do a good job in the construction machinery business, continue to establish competitive advantages based on the Chinese market, gradually expand to the world, and finally realize globalization. In order to achieve this goal, Lovol heavy industry integrates global advantageous resources, uses Japanese and European platforms to strengthen the construction of core capabilities such as hydraulic pressure, electric control, test and verification, improves the operation and management system of business collaboration and cultural integration with Networking Association as a link, establishes core strategic competitiveness, and supports the medium and long-term strategic development of business

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subsequently, Wang Bin, deputy general manager of Lovol heavy industries and general manager of Lovol construction machinery, made a report entitled "seizing opportunities and competing for growth", which focused on the business operation strategy of Lovol construction machinery in 2019. Wang Bin said that in the face of rare market opportunities, Lovol construction machinery should be driven by two wheels of product innovation and market innovation, take both benchmarking learning and self innovation, seize opportunities Competitive growth. In the fierce market competition, Lovol construction machinery will continue to promote the integration and cultivation of distribution network, improve the effective coverage of agents, and realize the scale breakthrough of distribution network and distribution capacity after sample fracture in combination with leasing and key customer business development

at the same time, Wang Bin emphasized the importance of the post market of construction machinery, and hoped that suppliers and Lovol services could work together efficiently to develop service technology, ensure the timely supply of accessories, meet the market demand for accessories in different product life cycles, enhance Lovol's service and accessories operation ability, and improve customer satisfaction

then, under the chairmanship of Chen Weixiong, vice president of Lovol heavy industries and executive deputy general manager of Lovol construction machinery, the quality strategy release ceremony of Lovol construction machinery was held. The backbone of Lovol construction machinery R & D, experts from Lovol Japan R & D center and core suppliers formed quality strategy teams for each platform, and signed quality improvement military orders with Wang Bin, general manager of Lovol construction machinery respectively, The plastic extruder industry in China has great potential for development and strives to achieve the quality strategic goal of Lovol construction machinery

Lovol construction machinery quality strategy release ceremony

an award ceremony was held during the theme conference, and 66 global excellent enterprises won the 2018 Lovol construction machinery science and Technology Innovation Award, quality contribution award, excellent supplier award and other honors

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in the future, Lovol construction machinery will continue to implement the supply chain horizontal integration development strategy, with the goal of becoming a world-class construction machinery enterprise, systematically cultivate professional suppliers, promote modular supply, and build a global business partnership of equality, openness, good faith cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results

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