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Lovol Ceres cb05 corn machine: youth is dedicated to the black land, and the corn machine harvests "Wo" awesome

it is inevitable that there will be various experimental equipment failures. Lovol Ceres cb05 corn machine: youth can also carry out group experiments to dedicate to the black land, and the corn machine harvests "Wo" awesome

in addition, China engineering machinery information

"my home is in the northeast, on the Songhua River", a song pulled us to the "northeast granary". The familiar smell of big ballast is like a big corn particle. There is such a corn machine, which is specially designed for the planting characteristics of Northeast China and is most suitable for corn harvesting operations in Northeast China - Lovol Ceres cb05 five element plate type cutter corn machine with all solef PVDF materials meeting the quality standard of World Series 1. This machine has three major characteristics: fast work, more work and good work

fast work

the knife type stalk pulling roller has high rotation speed, the blade is lengthened to 650mm, the knife setting and ear picking speed is fast, the harvesting of high rod crops can maintain high-speed operation, and the header is not easy to be blocked; The working width of the auger scraper of the ear elevator is 825mm, which greatly improves the efficiency of ear conveying; Equipped with six groups of flat roll peeling machines, the peeling capacity of the whole machine is greatly improved and the stripping efficiency is higher when the machine operates at high speed; Add large grain recycling boxes to reduce the frequency of grain unloading and improve the comprehensive operation efficiency; Equipped with a treadmill and making full use of the volume of the ear box, you can harvest about 100m more crops. The ear box has a high filling degree, less unloading frequency, and improves the operation efficiency

more work

the harrow of grain conveying chain is strengthened, which is not easy to deform in long-term work and has higher reliability; Add large engine ventilation hood and plate fin water tank, with strong heat dissipation capacity and high cleanliness; The drive shaft of the peeling machine is thickened to Ф 40mm, the peeling roller adopts bevel gear transmission, and the reliability is greatly improved; Floating trash removal device is adopted, and 10A double row drive chain is adopted for trash removal drive chain, which has strong impact resistance and effectively avoids the deformation of trash removal roller of fixed structure, transmission failure and other problems; The chassis longitudinal beam adopts high-strength square tube structure to improve the bearing capacity and anti twisting ability

good work

20 ° low angle ear picking platform, with obvious advantages in harvesting low crops; The shields on both sides of the elevator are increased to reduce the ear loss rate of the picking platform; The edge of the ear conveying auger is wrapped with round steel, which effectively solves the problems of grain dropping and grain crushing during the ear conveying process; The peeling machine adopts the combination form of "flat roll + star wheel", which can give full play to the high-efficiency peeling machine and reduce grain loss at the same time; Equipped with a variety of width returning machines, the new material blade is more wear-resistant and the straw cutting effect is good; The cleaning area of shell vibrating screen reaches 1.38 ㎡, effectively reducing the cleaning loss; Equipped with Lovol's unique grain suction fan, the grain recycling box has a higher cleanliness

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