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Lovol baler efficiently helps Sanxia production

spring competes for day and summer competes for time. Summer is busy, and the majority of machine operators and farmers have ushered in the busiest period of the year. In addition to rushing to collect grain particles and return them to the warehouse, they also need to carry out sowing operations. During this period, we can choose how to increase the recovery of wheat straw by ourselves; This is a truck designed for urban people. All parts of the country are actively exploring, and Lovol baler undoubtedly gives the answer

it is understood that the most popular baler product in the Central Plains market is Lovol 9yf-2.2 pickup baler. This product has good stability and high baling efficiency through special manufacturing process. After years of market verification, it is favored by user friends; In addition, this product has a wide demand for tractor power. Tractors with a power output of 560 rpm and more than 40 horsepower can work together with it. It is widely applicable to the baling of grass, wheat and rice straw

the interview learned that in Henan and Anhui regions, the picking up and bundling effect of Lovol balers has been highly praised. This year, a Lovol baler in Huaiyuan region held a summit forum on the application of new materials and new technologies for rubber and plastic cables in March, which achieved a new record of five days and four nights of high-intensity work, and fully demonstrated the efficient nature of modern machines and tools

in view of the changes in market demand this year, Lovol pickup square baler has upgraded its main components, and its overall reliability and operation efficiency have been greatly improved. Its operation width covers 1.6m, 1.9m and 2.2m pickup width. The core knotter adopts German imported brands, and adopts double cam disc technology, which ensures that the spring tooth beam, roller and other parts are stressed evenly, greatly improving the service life of the pickup. In terms of operation, the Y-shaped double section traction beam structure has simpler connection with the tractor, stronger passing performance, good product use effect has also been affirmed by customers, and the sales volume is extremely hot

at the same time, in view of the different operating experience of new and old customers, Lovol agricultural machines and tools also formulated a training plan for underground operation, focusing on the regular maintenance of products, matching with tractors, the selection of Baling ropes, the impact of weather factors on baling effect, etc., to provide users with the operation and use training before, during and after the purchase of balers, so as to provide users with an overall solution of the double standard of "product + service"

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