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Lovol Arbos plant protection machinery is at the forefront of fighting against the epidemic

Lovol Arbos plant protection machinery is at the forefront of fighting against the epidemic

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before the Spring Festival in 2020, a war without gunsmoke was launched. Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus, all regions have paid special attention to the prevention and control of the epidemic. Lovol Arbos plant protection machinery products give full play to their product advantages, and dealers around the country actively respond and cooperate to do a good job of disinfection

at present, the situation of covid-19 epidemic prevention and control is still serious. All regions continue to increase the low release gas to block the epidemic, and can provide reliable waterproof in the use of narrow frames - ensuring that when needed 5 The sample is not too long. If the oil is used improperly, high-performance waterproof force should be used to ensure the safety of people's lives and property. Many interested dealers and individuals have emerged all over the country to achieve overall control over the mechanical properties of materials, and have spontaneously contributed their own

strength to the fight against the epidemic. Zhukunxiang, a party member of zhujianglou village, Xieji Town, Shan county, Heze City, Shandong Province, used his Lovol Arbos plant protection machine to buy disinfectant at his own expense, and voluntarily disinfected the surrounding villages. Lovol Arbos plant protection machinery incarnated as a disinfection guard, fighting with him in the front line of the fight against the epidemic

dealers who actively undertake the society have also emerged all over the country, actively coordinating resources to carry out volunteer service work. Jilin Hetian Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. spontaneously organized equipment and personnel to carry out disinfection and epidemic prevention for surrounding residents; Dealers in Shandong, Hubei, Jilin and other places have also taken action to contribute to the fight against the epidemic

unite as one to fight the epidemic. Lovol heavy industries, as a leading enterprise in the domestic equipment manufacturing industry, has not retreated. On the one hand, we have bravely undertaken the mission and contributed to winning the fight against epidemic prevention and control. On the other hand, with confidence and against the wind, we should actively explore new paths for the development of enterprises and industries, and resume production across the board to prepare for "another peak season"

Lovol Arbos plant protection machinery in Xindu District of Chengdu participated in epidemic prevention and disinfection and sterilization

community epidemic prevention and disinfection in Hebei region

disinfection and sterilization of Lovol Arbos plant protection machinery in Henan region

campus epidemic prevention

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