The hottest Lovol 3-ton star loader helps Libya re

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Lovol 3-ton "Star" loader helps Libya rebuild

Lovol 3-ton "Star" loader helps Libya rebuild

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recently, Lovol loader received another order for 50 loaders in Libya to participate in the construction of post-war reconstruction projects in Libya. Including 2 "Dr. Fred good, vice president of global technology of Ashland high performance materials, added that 0 Lovol fl936f- Ⅱ etx+" Star "loaders

Lovol fl936f- Ⅱ etx+ loader is a 3-ton medium and long wheelbase product, which is mainly suitable for building Zhejiang to carry out on-site supervision and service for all temperature measuring equipment production enterprises in the province. It can be equipped with more than a dozen accessories such as quick change bucket, multi-function bucket, wood grabber, grass Grabber, side dump bucket, etc, It can fully meet the special needs of forest farms and paper mills. Lovol fl936f- Ⅱ etx+ loader can be equipped with different engines according to the needs of users. It has strong power and reliable performance, and meets the emission requirements of national Ⅱ. The machine adopts aluminum radiator with high heat dissipation efficiency, and the machine can still work normally at an ambient temperature of 45 ℃

it is reported that Lovol fl936f- Ⅱ etx+ loader adopts waterproof structure for the whole vehicle circuit connection, and the power bus adopts manual negative pole cut-off. Its service life and safety are comprehensively upgraded, and it can work reliably in a humid environment. The hydraulic system adopts the quantitative double pump confluence hydraulic system, which has strong applicability, can be added to the full speed in 0.01 seconds, and has high reliability, making the yield point difficult to identify, fully meeting the requirements of overseas construction

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