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Lovol Gushen corn grain harvester saves time and effort

Lovol Gushen corn grain harvester passes this kind of strict test comparison and systematic analysis. It saves time and effort

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how to harvest corn like wheat, put the machine into the ground and return the seeds to the warehouse has always been the wish of the majority of farmers. The Lovol Ceres corn grain harvester unveiled at the 2019 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition has achieved the work of ear picking, peeling and threshing at one time, greatly reducing the labor intensity of harvesting corn

Lovol Ceres corn harvester side opening maintenance device

speed upgrade, ready to go

this machine adopts the single longitudinal axial flow threshing and separation technology with a number of innovative patents, which can be applied to the harvest of all regions, all periods and all crops; The increase of feeding speed makes the harvesting speed faster and improves the operation efficiency. The increase of transmission ratio makes the overall operation speed increase. Through hydrostatic control, the walking speed is fast, the steering block, and the turning radius is small. The number of harvests per hour is greatly increased

Lovol Gushen corn harvester upgrade engine

parts upgrade, efficient operation

Lovol Gushen corn harvester not only increases the belt pulley at the left end of the bridge driving shaft, but also widens the grain elevator significantly, which greatly improves the feeding speed and grain lifting speed; The optimization of the engine's power performance can not block even when working on wet crops, and the improvement of the secondary filtration accuracy can greatly prolong the service life of the engine

Lovol Ceres corn harvester upgraded double-layer reciprocating opposite vibrating screen

convenient maintenance and labor-saving

the traditional vibrating screen is replaced by double-layer reciprocating opposite vibrating screen, the cleaning width and area are increased, and the grid spacing is reduced by at least 20mm, so that the grain is not easy to leak out; The fixed concave is replaced by round steel, which greatly reduces the grain crushing rate. Convenient maintenance and operation is also an important factor of agricultural machinery. Lovol Gushen corn grain harvester not only provides a more scientific and comprehensive guarantee for the safety of food contact materials and products through the electronic hydraulic stepless speed change system, but also adopts a side open shield, which makes adjustment and maintenance more convenient

Lovol Ceres corn harvester elevator widened

Lovol Ceres corn grain harvester is further troublesome and has human errors, which reduces the hard work of farmers' friends. The new upgrading of products makes corn harvesting easier and convenient, and makes corn harvesting enter a new era of direct grain harvesting

Lovol Ceres corn harvester will display photos in the national exhibition, and try to operate in place once

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