The hottest new glass boosts building energy conse

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New glass boosts building energy conservation

at the Guangdong Architectural Design energy conservation Summit Forum held on August 28, more than 200 architectural designers put forward the concept of "good house, good glass" and reached a consensus that building energy conservation should be preceded by doors and windows, but during this period. According to the association of registered architects and architects of Guangdong Province, congratulations on your cheap purchase. Long guomingzhuo said that the leading step is that the design unit should design a scientific architectural scheme according to the regional climate characteristics

according to Xu Dingjun, residential product manager of Dongguan CSG engineering glass Co., Ltd., the new double silver Low-E glass and low-radiation Low-E glass for residential use on the market this year have the characteristics of warm in winter and cool in summer, noise reduction and sound insulation. Under the same enclosure structure conditions, it saves about 65% energy compared with ordinary single-layer white glass according to thermal calculation. If ordinary single silver glass is used in the residence, compared with ordinary single glass, 20% of the glass area can save 1600 kwh a year according to the household area of 100 square meters

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