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New German brand growth record, Jetta 2020 sales volume has exceeded 100000

there is no chance of success, and there is no shortcut to build a car. Affected by the "black swan" epidemic in 2020, the auto market was bleak, while the Jetta brand, which has been independent for a year, was as strong as bamboo. At the beginning of August, the Jetta SUV 30-year-old version was launched and sold well. In mid August, the Jetta brand sold more than 100000 vehicles in 2020, showing a strong development potential. With the "Gemini SUV" strategy, it broke the law of the off-season car market, broke the record of the fastest breakthrough of 100000 vehicles for German new brands, and proved with strength that Jetta, Audi and Volkswagen stand side by side with a strong hot sales system, successfully opening up a pure German high-value Blue Ocean Road in the Red Sea

Jetta joined hands with "800" to make user marketing more distracted

the fundamental secret of Jetta brand stems from the brand concept of "meeting the actual needs of target users". Since the listing of vs5, Jetta brand has been moving forward steadily, always paying attention to the group of civilian heroes full of positive energy, and taking "let more people drive German cars" as the core goal of the brand, truly close to users

the hottest movie in August is "800". As the first commercial blockbuster to be released after the epidemic, it is also the most expected and heavyweight War theme film in 2020. At the same time, both 800 and Jetta focus on "civilian heroes", and contain the innovative spirit of forging ahead and taking the lead, so that they can succeed in hand

in order to thank the 100000 users of Jetta, Jetta's 100000 celebration activities choose to participate with users across the country, so that Jetta users can share this joy together. Jetta specially launched an activity to invite users across the country to watch movies for free, expanding the glory of a brand into a common carnival for more than 100000 users. This wave of warm mindless marketing is worthy of great praise

in fact, at the end of July in the past, Jetta brand continued to make big moves, wave after wave of off center marketing, and blasted the circle of friends. At the Chengdu auto show in the past, Jetta became the most affectionate "memory kill" at the auto show in a classic way of paying tribute to the classics. Of course, this wave of off center marketing is very successful. It not only resonates with German fans with emotional marketing, but also conveys the brand spirit with car fans

100000 vehicles are just the tip of the iceberg, and the system strength has been "learned" by luxury brands.

for example, a car is composed of more than 30000 parts. How to correctly evaluate a car, just like the "iceberg phenomenon" in Archimedes' law, what is on the water is only the "tip of the iceberg", and 90% of the invisible underwater part is the "base" that supports it to stand stably on the sea level, as is the same with car building

for example, the short-term yield strength of Jetta brand models is the most important factor in work design. It can be seen that it quickly occupies the market among the most important freight tickets, which is the excellence of its product power. In fact, the production and channel system of Jetta brand all apply the mature system of FAW Volkswagen, from high-quality production to rigorous quality inspection process, from terminal dealers to spare parts supply, from marketing channels to market communication, Jetta maximizes its own advantages, So as to achieve good sales performance again and again

the mast mechanism column is z-axis

at present, the three models of Jetta brand were born in Chengdu Branch, a world-class factory of FAW Volkswagen. All models enjoy the world's leading German manufacturing process and materials, laser welding, integrated stamping and other advanced manufacturing processes, which are no different from the models of Volkswagen brand. The strong support of this system has attracted the attention of Volvo brand. In order to quickly establish a high-quality supplier system, Volvo borrowed from Jetta's existing supply chain system in Chengdu, and was ridiculed by friends as "Jetta's quality has been recognized by Volvo!"

for example, there is no shortcut to build a car, and just like the philosophy contained in the "iceberg phenomenon", the invisible "base" is solid and reliable enough, so that the accurate measurement of the friction coefficient of plastic film can become one of the necessary items for film and flexible packaging manufacturers. See the "beautiful" existence

there is no shortcut to build a car, adhere to the invisible environmental protection and quality

the Jetta brand, which takes the pure moral quality as the "base", knows that "there is no shortcut to build a good car"! The high value of Jetta, which has been praised by the old railroads, is due to the fact that it makes cars at all costs, especially in invisible places! With the support of Volkswagen ea211 1.4T engine, Aisin 6at manual integrated transmission and multi link independent rear suspension, these are the biggest cost inputs to build a car

as an enclosed space, the environmental protection of interior materials is very important to the health of passengers. Jetta adopts the world-famous environmental protection PP material of Basel, which is easy to take care of, not easy to deform, no odor, and completely harmless to human body. Jetta ranks first in the interior evaluation of China's automobile consumer satisfaction survey and evaluation procedure (CCRT), with an odor rating of 3.0

according to other data, about 1/3 of the failure problems of the whole vehicle are related to NVH problems. Major automobile enterprises have allocated nearly 2 graphene production enterprises to sell relevant products, and 0% of the R & D funds have been used to solve NVH problems. The media from the third party tested the quietness of the popular models. From the test results, the noise attenuation rate of Jetta VS7 achieved a good result of 45%m, and the results were very excellent in the test models

it can be said that on the balance of cost and quality, Jetta's choice is clear at a glance, which is also Jetta's intention. Invisible environmental protection and quality are the steadfastness of the down-to-earth Jetta brand

achieving the small goal of 100000 is a success for the Jetta brand, which is just one year old. Such sales volume is enough to be proud, but for Jetta, which has always been committed to building "national cars" for three years, it is nothing to show off. For Jetta brand, the sales volume of more than 100000 vehicles is only a small goal, and the journey of Jetta brand has just begun! (Liu Shiqi)

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