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The new GK 65 weight measuring device appeared in K 2013

Werner Koch Maschinentechnik Co., Ltd. is a supplier of plastic processing auxiliary equipment. Its graviko is a gravimetric metering mixing system with a variety of product models, which can be used for material metering of injection molding, extrusion and blow molding. Depending on the type of graviko device, in the plastic processing system, the processing capacity is between 3 kg per hour and 2000kg per hour

gk65, which was recently released, is a new product in a series of weight measuring devices that have been actually verified. The maximum plastic processing capacity is 70kg per hour. Including the main components, the basic model can weigh up to three material components added by volume in its internal vibration free weighing container. This is the first graviko product equipped with two synchronous precision weighing sensors, which can further improve the continuity and accuracy of the weighing process. Each feeding is weighed continuously for 100 times, and the double weighing device records the measured value and transmits it to Ko, which will also change the performance of plastic ch control device. After that, the fluctuation is compensated until the metering value required by the formula is accurately reached. After all the values meet the requirements, pour a measured batch of materials into the porous base qualitative phase change material, which is not easy to leak into the mixer below if the administrative order is like a stray arrow. In the mixer, the mixture is stirred evenly by a horizontal mixer, and then processed in the subsequent molding process

because the graviko device is built with the modular system of Koch Technik, users can move, rotate, remove or fold all device components, so that they can quickly change materials without using tools

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