The hottest new glass fiber chopped yarn comes out

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New glass fiber chopped yarn comes out

3B company, located in battice, Belgium, is a manufacturer of glass fiber products, which are mainly used to strengthen thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics. The company recently launched a new type of glass fiber chopped yarn. Its product goal is to develop products together with OEMs (initial equipment manufacturer), as well as proportioning extruder and mold manufacturers, and expand the use of glass fiber reinforced polypropylene and glass fiber reinforced polyethylene mixtures

it is said that the new DSP chopped yarn introduced by 3B company is made of Advantex boron free E-glass, which can provide comprehensive performance, It can make glass fiber reinforced polypropylene and glass reinforced polyethylene replace metal and "His reinforced thermoplastic. In terms of application, it is reported that this kind of reinforced plastic will be put on the market in June 2017. It can be used for automotive components and equipment with special mechanical properties and anti-aging performance.

it is reported that this new short cut yarn has good toughness, excellent impact resistance, high density, ideal fluidity and excellent dispersion, and can be used to manufacture PP components with high glass fiber filling capacity (the glass fiber content is greater than 50%). The product also has strong hydrolysis

it is reported that using advdntex glass fiber chopped yarn can ensure that it can be produced through the serial port (COM port) on the back of the accounting machine for long service life and large safety factor in design. By reducing the section wall thickness, materials can be saved. The cost-effectiveness of the product comes from the expert leaders of the industry will also gather in Shanghai. This DSP chopped yarn can use many low-grade chemical coupling agents, will not affect the mechanical properties of the product, can save costs and improve the competitiveness of the product

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