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Hebei Hejian independently developed new glass kilns to save energy by 30%

recently, the new glass kilns independently developed by Dayuan energy saving materials Co., Ltd. have been put into use. The new glass kilns can save energy by 30%, which can significantly improve product quality and reduce product costs

in the workshop of Dayuan company, I saw a glass kiln under construction, Ma Lei, chairman of the board, said, "this is the first project we will build. It is expected to complete two new kilns in 2018. The leading one has been put into use. Because the effect is good, the light utilization of graphene is civil oriented, which can quickly realize productization and bring higher cost-effective utilization to consumers. Immediately build the second one that can minimize energy input."

at the end of the spacious workshop, a 4-meter-high rectangular brick concrete furnace is built on the north and south sides respectively, and a flat bridge is built between the two furnaces. Ma Lei said: This provides a lot of growth opportunities for composites "Glass wool needs quartz powder, feldspar, soda ash, borax, brucite, broken glass and other raw materials to be prepared in proportion, which are sent to the furnace, and the mixture is melted into liquid glass after high temperature. The raw materials are heated in the South furnace for half an hour, then flow into the north through the circulation bridge, and then heated for half an hour, so they are heated alternately. The original furnaces are heated by horseshoe flame combustion, and our reformed furnaces are heated by transverse flame, which is used in energy consumption and molding." Time, melting time and heating temperature have all been improved. A furnace used to have two production lines, but now a furnace can have four production lines, doubling the production capacity. After testing, using natural gas as fuel can save about 30% energy. "

in addition to the production workshop, Dayuan company has a special workshop for equipment. Chen Zhikuan from Northeast China is the chief engineer of the equipment research and development department. Chen Zhikuan said, "the kiln that the company began to invest 20million to buy consumes high energy and produces poor product quality. It took us a year and a half to spend more than 30 million yuan, and a little bit of transformation and upgrading. Now, in addition to energy conservation and environmental protection, the product quality has also been greatly improved, and the fineness, toughness and thermal insulation performance of glass wool fiber have been improved. Now, in addition to building a new kiln in the second workshop, we are also stepping up the application for production equipment patents."

it is understood that Dayuan energy saving insulation material Co., Ltd., located in Hejian Economic Development Zone, integrates production, research and development, sales and construction. It mainly produces insulation, sealing and refractory materials such as centrifugal glass wool products, rock wool products, aluminum silicate products, rubber and plastic sponge products. Its products are widely used in aerospace, energy metallurgy, petrochemical industry, construction and installation, electromechanical products, central air conditioning and other fields. Hebei thermal insulation materials research center, jointly established by Hebei thermal insulation materials industry association and Dayuan company, is located in the factory. The company is currently preparing to go public and is expected to land on the new third board in October this year

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