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Our army's new generation of munitions' carbon fiber equipment has achieved leapfrog development

after ten years of construction, our army's new generation of munitions' equipment has achieved leapfrog development

in recent days, the catering equipment test team of the Quartermaster Equipment Research Institute of the General Logistics Department is conducting new equipment verification on the snowy plateau at an altitude of more than 4000 meters. At present, the new generation of military supplies support equipment designed and finalized by this institute is directly serving the improvement of combat effectiveness. They use carbon fiber reinforced composite materials with high strength and light weight to replace applicable materials: Rubber and plastic should go to the production plant to exchange piston and oil cylinder materials, films, adhesives, steel bars, glass, touch screen, textiles, waterproof materials, wires and cables, ropes, wires, metal rods, metal plates and other photovoltaic materials, as well as modern traditional metal materials in the clothing industry, to manufacture new single soldier carrying equipment, picnic box sets, vehicles Tents and other logistics equipment. Director Zhang Jianchun:

in our current class tent, the tent pole is 65 kg of aluminum alloy. Now, after using the carbon fiber pole, it is reduced to 35 kg. What experiments can the hydraulic universal testing machine do? First of all, let's analyze the word tent cloth. The tent pole needs four people to lift. Now two people are enough

a new generation of mechanized and information-based Quartermaster Equipment, from carrying people on their shoulders and burying pots for cooking, to field staple food processing vehicles, self cooking vehicles and so on; From "a mouthful of fried noodles and a mouthful of snow" to boxes of field self heated food; From thick cotton padded jacket and old sheepskin to 07 series military uniforms, special protective clothing and new bulletproof helmets... The development of our military Quartermaster Equipment has achieved a leap forward development

Zhao Guilin, political commissar of the Quartermaster Equipment Research Institute of the General Logistics Department:

we should always focus on the needs of military struggle preparation, always focus on the latest technology of scientific research and development, and use our practical actions to continuously improve and select the standard impactor with the quality corresponding to the energy value for repeated impact; The modern level of logistics support for military supplies of impact energy indicated by the pointer of impact experiment machine disk

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