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The new generation of needled corrugated board conveyor belt containing innovative technology is undoubtedly one of the most important components of the corrugated board production line. Its quality has a decisive impact on the quality of corrugated board, and has always been concerned by carton factories and corrugated line manufacturers. In terms of structure, there are two kinds of conveyor belts used by cadres of corrugated board production line: one is cotton woven belt, which is made of multi-layer cotton yarn and chemical fiber blended, and woven by weaving machine. It has the characteristics of large weight per unit area, uneven surface, large friction coefficient, etc; The other is needled belt, which is made of polyester fiber and artificial cotton and processed by multiple processes of needling machine. It has many advantages, such as flat surface, uniform thickness and no indentation, so it is more and more favored by users

innovative structure

the traditional needle punched belt structure is three-layer: surface layer, middle layer and bottom layer. Its surface layer and bottom layer are needle punched flocking structure, and the middle layer is warp roving plus flocking structure. This structure itself is relatively loose, and the self weight per unit area is small. When subjected to strong tension and accelerated operation, not only the pressure and carrying capacity of the paperboard are extremely limited, but also easy to deviate. Its elongation is large, and the steel buckle has to be re spliced after a few months of use, which is time-consuming and laborious, affecting the production. This is also the reason why acupuncture belts have been difficult to expand their market share for many years. Ai Ai company has successfully eliminated the above defects from the perspective of structure. The specific method is to adopt a unique production process, weave seven layers of woven layers made of special PET fiber in the needle punched belt, so as to make its structure strong. Since this way, the interference caused by the peak current caused by the transient conduction and cut-off of the current load can be greatly reduced to 5.8kg/m2, and the thickness is uniform. As PET fiber is a material with high temperature resistance and toughness, it greatly strengthens the adaptability of the needle punched belt to high temperature, high humidity, high pressure, high tension and high-speed operating environment. The anti telescoping heat treatment finalization method adopted by us in the production process has completely solved the problem of large extension. The application results show that when the working tension is 12n/mm, the meridional expansion rate is only 0.3%. Generally speaking, the thickness of corrugated board conveyor belt will be thinner to a certain extent due to the continuous effect of high tension and high pressure after running for a period of time under the special environment of corrugated line; From the perspective of cotton belt picking, due to the structural characteristics of warp and weft yarn weaving, different pressure on the belt surface and other factors, the thickness of the edges on both sides of the belt often decreases by a large margin, which leads to the reduction of the effective width of corrugated board, the increase of scrap rate, and the waste of cost. Ai Ai needle belt contains pressure resistant and wear-resistant materials, so that it can maintain the stability of thickness

superior air permeability

air permeability is the most important technical index of corrugated board conveyor belt, and the corresponding technical index of corrugated board is moisture content. In other words, the drying of the water contained in the corrugated board is completed through the conveyor belt. Its workflow is that the conveyor belt acts pressure on the board to make it stick to the surface of the heating plate, absorbs heat and evaporates water vapor, which is absorbed by the conveyor belt and dissipated during operation. Therefore, there are very high requirements for the moisture absorption and permeability of the conveyor belt. Too much air permeability will inevitably cause the cardboard to be too dry and easy to crack; If the permeability is too poor, the cardboard will have high moisture content, low strength, warpage and deformation, which will affect the smooth progress of subsequent cutting, indentation and other processes. In production, ai'ai company, with first-class production equipment, timely and effectively controls the porosity, pore diameter and uniform distribution of pores, so that it has appropriate and uniform moisture absorption and rapid emission capacity. From the perspective of application, the moisture content of corrugated board can reach 11 ± 3% of the national standard, and the bonding strength of the board has also been greatly improved

the surface is flat and wear-resistant

we know that the characteristics of high-quality corrugated board are straight corrugated, high tensile strength, neat surface and no indentation. These characteristics are largely realized by the transportation of hot plate part and cooling part. The unique structure mode of polyester fiber layer and cotton layer on the contact surface of Ai Ai needled belt and it plays a check role; The fiber material with special treatment of one-way valve in parallel with throttle valve or pressure reducing valve shows good elasticity, toughness and wear resistance in practical application. It can distribute the pressure from the gravity roller evenly and moderately on the cardboard, while maintaining sufficient friction and adhesion, and easily and smoothly carry the cardboard for operation. In particular, it has no indentation on the cardboard, which improves the surface intermediate standard of corrugated cardboard and the installation and clamping quality according to the on-board state or the similar state in function. This is the incomparable advantage of traditional needle punched belt and cotton woven belt. Because the traditional needled belt has been chemically hardened, it actually loses the original elasticity of the belt surface; However, it is difficult to eliminate the concave convex feeling on the surface of the warp and weft knitting structure with thick lines of cotton ribbon. The above characteristics often lead to corrugation peak distortion and indentation on the surface of Paperboard under the operating environment of changing speed and pressure

concealed joint

in fact, the tensile strength of the joint area will be reduced, making it unable to bear strong tensile force for a long time and crack. Ai Ai needling belt adopts the closed joint of American clipper ear steel buckle. The joint area is divided into two layers from 3mm below the belt surface, and the steel buckle is welded on the lower layer. These processes are completed by layering machine and steel buckle machine, avoiding the deviation caused by the joint of manual tools. The steel buckle is completely covered by the upper layer, so that its contact with the cardboard not only maintains the original hygroscopicity, elasticity, toughness and wear resistance, but also completely avoids the periodic indentation of the cardboard caused by the protrusion of the steel buckle

the application results show that the peculiar oblique connection method and the special adhesive fixation treatment on the joint area can minimize the reduction of tensile strength and ensure the efficient and lasting operation of the conveyor belt

high temperature resistance

generally, the temperature of the hot plate surface of the tile line is 170-190 ℃, and the higher the speed of the tile line, the higher the surface temperature of the hot plate is required. Ai Ai needle saves energy and improves production efficiency. The actual high temperature resistance of the thorn belt reaches 200 ℃, which can adapt to dry and hot, humid and hot environments. On both sides of the conveyor belt, it is easy to directly contact the hot plate due to the narrow corrugated paper, which will affect the service life. Therefore, we use Nomex fiber (resistant to 280 ℃) on the surface of the needle punched belt, which is a thermosetting material and will not melt, effectively extending the service life of the conveyor belt

running speed

as one of the most important components of the corrugated line, the conveyor belt is driven by the driving roller of the double-sided machine, so it must be able to fully synchronize with the running speed of the corrugated line, otherwise it will cause poor bonding effect of corrugated board, reduced output and other consequences. The unique structural mode and excellent material of Aiai needle belt not only fully meet the operation requirements of high-speed and high tension of tile wire, but also do not deviate and slip, so that the improvement of output and quality can be realized synchronously

degumming and cleaning

as we all know, whether the surface of the conveyor belt is clean or not is an important factor to ensure the smooth operation of the tile line and the surface quality of the paperboard. We conduct penetrating special silicone treatment on the surface of the needle punched belt, which can not only ensure the friction and adhesion between its surface and the paperboard, but also remove the glue on its surface without pulling out the fiber. It is easier to clean and can be soaked in water. It is suitable for brushing with a soft brush, which solves the problem of difficult maintenance of the conveyor belt

with the increasingly fierce market competition today, the profits of traditional industries will become increasingly meager. Improve the quality and output of carton industry; At the same time, reducing the waste of paperboard in production is obviously the key to the survival and development of enterprises. As a leader in the industrial belt industry, Aiai is willing to share its rich experience accumulated over the years with the majority of carton enterprises

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