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The new generation of steel pop-up cans in the United States came out

the crown cork and bottle cap company announced in March that the new generation of steel pop-up cans will be launched in batches in the third quarter of this year to test the body, chassis, frame, car interior, seat belts, window glass, etc., which is called Ouli III

in the face of consumers' increasingly urgent requirements for the convenience of opening canned food and beverages, Crown Corporation timely launched the third generation of Ouli series cans. Ouli III can cover can make it easier for consumers to open, and it also makes it convenient for food or beverage manufacturers to package the relevant specifications on the electronic universal testing machine, and the product quality is fully guaranteed

compared with the Ouli II tank cover, the Ouli III tank cover is made of thinner and harder double reduced iron, so the tear force can be reduced by 25% when opening, and the force of consumers is reduced when using, so as to increase the stability of the opening process, so it will not cause liquid splashing in the tank. On the other hand, strengthen the resistance of components to rugged environmental resistance; The lower modeling version of Onyx components can be used in all links of filling and transportation, and the cover will not be damaged

covid, CEO of Crown Corporation, believes that the advanced Ouli can lid technology is the embodiment of the technological innovation spirit of Crown Corporation. The launch of Ouli III can lid further proves this point. Crown Corporation is to constantly provide consumers with high-quality and popular packaging products

crown cork and bottle cap company is a leading manufacturer of packaging products in the world. Its Ouli series cans have won many awards, including the "world star" award of the American packaging society, "packaging star" Silver Award, "technological innovation" award, and the praise for improving its packaging to facilitate the use of the elderly

Ouli III can lid will soon be put into production in the factory of crown experimental machine fixture performance stability company in Ohio, USA. At present, the euril II can covers put on the market are exported to all parts of the world after being produced by its European branches. After the newly developed euril III in the United States is put into operation, it can alleviate the demand for more than 6 billion euril II can covers imported and exported in Europe every year, and gradually form product substitution and upgrading. At least in the North American can market, euril III will become the leading product

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