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A new generation of network marketing mode

in March 1997, after the first network advertisement appeared, China opened the curtain of enterprise network marketing

with the popularity and development of Internet in recent ten years, the ways in which enterprises carry out marketing with the help of Internet have also been constantly updated. More and more small and medium-sized enterprises have noticed the necessity of Internet marketing, and have chosen their own methods to join this vast tide of Internet marketing

with the participation of many enterprises in the cabin door once used for Airbus aircraft, China's network marketing pattern has become diversified. Whether it is traditional enterprise station construction, search engine marketing, online advertising marketing, online membership marketing, or B2B and C2C marketing, which rose in 2005, have greatly increased the choice of marketing means for small and medium-sized enterprises. Behind the choice of various means, a variety of problems began to perplex the marketers of small and medium-sized enterprises

inefficient marketing, are you still investing a lot?

"spent a lot of money, but did not receive the expected effect", many small and medium-sized enterprises are facing such practical problems. In order to compete for a dominant propaganda position in the emerging electronic media, small and medium-sized enterprises still spare no expense to invest in online communication. In the lesson of a large amount of money, the trend and prediction training of "networking is not omnipotent" in the teaching industry are placed in front of small and medium-sized enterprises

self establishment of websites is one of the more tendentious self promotion means for small and medium-sized enterprises in recent years. According to a statistical data, in the small and medium-sized enterprise network market worth 10 billion, two-thirds of small and medium-sized enterprises have built their own stations, and have paid a lot of human and material resources to improve the station columns and design. However, the data fed back from the station traffic monitoring and analysis shows that 90% of the enterprise stations bring almost "0" daily business volume. Its low efficiency makes many entrepreneurs think that network marketing is useless

after that, the introduction of purchasing keywords and competitive ranking made small and medium-sized enterprises publicize themselves with the help of portals and search stations, bringing a large number of visitors. But then there is another phenomenon that enterprise managers do not want to see: visitors who step into the threshold, like visitors from foreign countries, often wander on the enterprise station and then drift away. Although the enterprise provides these visitors with various ways to further contact: number, mailing address,, MSN, e-mail, etc., they often fail, which makes it difficult to retain visitors, and can not bring the most realistic marketing goal of the enterprise: sales growth

with the advent of Web2.0, network marketing with the help of third-party e-commerce platforms has gradually become a new round of popular themes. For those enterprises that have invested money in the third-party e-commerce platform, the more feeling is that their own capital investment has achieved the glory of the third party - with a large amount of enterprise information injected into the third-party platform, the third party began to use popularity to attract more enterprise information and capital injection, and then gain both fame and wealth. Many small and medium-sized enterprises can only wait for the lucky ocean current to roll the small enterprises buried deep under the sea to the surface of the business platform where many enterprises gather

voice marketing, changing the old concept of network marketing

in 2005, the concept of Web2.0 was introduced into China, causing a huge change in the field of daily life. For a time, the Internet lifestyle with initiative, interaction and interaction as the dominant thinking has been found and has become the mainstream of the times. In the marketing industry, the concept of "interaction" without protection and long service life has also been paid attention to by more and more enterprises. So how can we achieve real interaction

the concept of interaction in 2014 first emphasizes the effective communication between the buyer and the seller in time and space. The emergence of networks has formally realized cross space communication, connecting people in different places through interconnection. Although the current instant communication software can help the buyer and the seller to achieve this kind of communication to a certain extent, the premise is that both parties must install similar tool software, which brings some inconvenience to users

interactive marketing puts more emphasis on mutual satisfaction between buyers and sellers to achieve a win-win situation. In the concept of interactive marketing, the buyer can timely convey his needs to the seller, and the seller can also timely adjust his product strategy through these first-hand information from consumers, develop products that can more meet the market demand, and form a win-win situation in interactive communication

emphasizing the diversity of marketing methods is another feature of network interactive marketing. This diversity is first reflected in the diversity of communication methods. The voice, video and other diverse communication methods brought by the Internet have long been adapted by the majority of people. Modern marketing should also transform these big elements into marketing means. At the same time, marketing research methods should also be diversified. Grasp the information that visitors are most concerned about and implement targeted marketing

the most revolutionary point of interactive marketing is to change the original passive marketing into an enterprise active attack mode. Many enterprises have taken corresponding measures to solve the problem of large loss of visitors. The creator of voice Marketing - General principles of broadcasting put forward the concept of voice marketing, that is, the spokesperson of the enterprise network actively uses multiple languages, warmly welcomes and accompanies each visiting customer, prolongs the customer's stay time, establishes a deep first impression, improves the second visit rate, and transmits and obtains more effective information

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