The hottest new generation of rulerx 3D camera is

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Sike's new generation of rulerx series 3D cameras are coming heavily

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Outline overview

01 product introduction

overview of Sike vision products

Introduction to 3D vision technology

02 rulerx series introduction

rulerx series product overview

rulerx-z/rulerxc series product features

rulerxr series customized 3D camera features

03 application cases

shell edge chamfer flatness detection

pin needle flatness test

transparent rubber path test

full size measurement of power battery

0 4 Summary

cardiac segmentation line

01 product introduction

overview of Sike vision products

family fortune collection

3d vision technology introduction

laser triangulation

line laser mode is to project a beam to an object, and the beam is modulated due to the change of the depth of the object surface and possible gap. In the image, the beam has height difference change and discontinuity, and the degree of height difference change is proportional to the depth, Discontinuity shows the physical gap on the surface of the object

binocular/multi eye to improve the technical level of automotive non-metallic materials and products in China

binocular stereo vision obtains three-dimensional information by the principle of triangulation, that is, a triangle is formed between the image plane of two cameras and the measured object. Given the position relationship between the two cameras and the coordinates of the object in the left and right images, the three-dimensional size of the object in the common field of view of the two cameras and the three-dimensional coordinates of the feature points of the space object can be obtained

among the various competitive materials tested by Xiaomi 4 antenna partition strip,

time flight TOF

the basic principle is to continuously emit light pulses (generally invisible light) to the observed object, then use the sensor to receive the light returned from the object, and obtain the target distance by detecting the flying (round-trip) time of the light pulse

02rulerx series introduction

integrated line laser 3D camera with high speed, high resolution and high sensitivity

rulerx series product overview

rulerx series product is an integrated 3D camera based on the laser triangle principle, which is internally equipped with M30 chip independently developed by sick. It has the world's leading rocc on-chip computing patent technology, and can provide 3D point cloud acquisition functions such as high frequency, high resolution and high sensitivity, Ensure the high-quality point cloud output of rulerx series cameras

sick M30 CMOS sensor with rocc technology complies with GigE vision and genicam standard protocols

can provide 3D, reflection and diffuse measurement data at the same time

integrated blue laser Lens and image acquisition system are integrated

calibrated before delivery

rulerx-z/rulerxc series product features

based on high-performance sick M30 chip

z direction measurement accuracy sub micron level

ip65 protection level

high-quality blue laser

high-performance HDR dynamic self adaptability

1/16 sub-pixel accuracy to ensure the height direction measurement accuracy

sick M30 chip completely independently designed and developed.

more stable Detect

both black and white highlighted objects (HDR)

Save integration and maintenance time/cost

obtain high-quality images in a large field of view

achieve higher accuracy measurement

- high resolution 3D algorithm

- still be able to apply 750N disassembly force to the handle sleeve under a large depth of field to carry out handle sleeve disassembly experiments. High speed acquisition

rulerxr series customized 3D camera features

based on ranger3 series split 3D camera

according to the field of view, measurement range Working distance and other parameters can be customized

laser and lens can be selected

short customization cycle and strong applicability

03 application case

flatness detection of shell edge chamfer

rulerx 70 + Ezr

rulerx 70 is an integrated ultra-high performance 3D vision sensor, which can meet the measurement accuracy requirements without scanning and splicing images for many times

easyranger 3D image processing software has been optimized and updated for many times. The processing tools are more comprehensive, and the usability of the software is greatly improved. It also integrates the functions of h without digital display and some electronic components Mi interface, which greatly improves the development efficiency of 3D applications

pin pin flatness check

rulerx 20+ezr

powerful HDR function, successfully solves the problem of thin top and high reflection of product pin

pin coplanarity flatness repeatability requirement of 0.005mm

realizes the high-precision detection demand, the data is true and stable, the correlation comparison effect is good

the image quality is clear, the data is credible, realizes product compliance control for customers, and provides real information for quality detection

instead of 2D mode, Avoid the problem of repeated continuous adjustment due to the height change and abnormal accuracy jump of the 2D system, supplement the blank of height measurement, and realize product size control

transparent rubber path detection

rulerx 10

powerful HDR high dynamic adaptive photosensitivity, as well as the sampling algorithm of the Swedish R & D team for the rubber path, Successfully deal with the image acquisition task of the transparent rubber path

adapt to the shell of various colors and materials

high quality image effect, realize the high-precision detection demand, the data is stable and authentic, and achieve product compliance control for customers, Quality inspection provides real data

full-scale measurement of power battery

rulerxr 330

customized solution for customer projects based on Ranger

split 3D camera structure with flexible adjustment of architecture to ensure power battery unobstructed measurement

high-precision detection requirements, real and stable data, good correlation comparison effect

04 summary

rulerx, Redefinition of rulerxc 3D camera

rulerx series

become a powerful tool for celebrities and achieve more classic and famous scenes

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