The hottest new glass holds up the spring of glass

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New glass holds up the spring of the development of the glass industry

it is understood that the prosperity of the flat glass industry will remain high, and the profitability of the industry is at risk of decline. Similar to the logic of cement, the demand for glass will remain strong. Different from cement, the capacity expansion driven by the industry boom is more powerful, and the elimination space of backward capacity is smaller than that of cement industry, so the future supply situation is more worrying; The profitability of the industry is at a historical high, with the risk of downward adjustment

after 2010, the new energy-saving building materials industry will enter an era of substantial high growth. The Chinese government proposed quantitative emission reduction targets for the first time at the Copenhagen climate summit, which means that China has truly entered the era of energy conservation and emission reduction. Compared with the time cycle and technology accumulation required to develop clean energy that can be widely used, we believe that energy conservation is a more realistic path under the current situation. With the national energy-saving 1, check whether the mechanical performance is good, and keep the workbench and zigzag machine table level; We have prepared various mandrel tools to block emission reduction. At present, there are about 350 employees. With the strengthening of the implementation of the policy, we are optimistic about the development of the new energy-saving building materials industry in the next 10 years

in terms of new building materials, we believe that leading companies in the industry, which are currently in a dominant position in production capacity and market share and have certain monopoly advantages, will be the biggest beneficiaries of the rapid growth of the industry, and their development will also break through

new glass will be the development direction

energy conservation and emission reduction, low-carbon economy has become a topic that cannot be bypassed, and it is also the focus of future economic development. Driven by the elimination of backward production capacity, the reorganization of the glass industry is expected. It can be predicted that no matter how the glass industry is integrated, new energy such as solar energy will be a direction of the glass industry

it was learned in the interview that the leading enterprises in the domestic glass industry have already begun to develop new energy-saving products in the field of new energy. According to Jinjing group, Jinjing (Group) Co., Ltd. has successfully produced 49 pieces of ultra white glass on its production line recently. 5 square meters of super large plate glass experimental equipment: it has created the world's largest single-sided float glass with layers "firmly bonded together"

the development of emerging sunrise industries such as information industry and photovoltaic industry has expanded a broad market space for new glass. Insiders suggest that the glass industry should seize the opportunity to better provide basic material support for the rapid development of these industries. At the same time, there is still a certain gap between domestic enterprises and the international advanced level, and they are also facing challenges such as carrying out forward-looking technological innovation, developing new products, realizing industrialization, and breaking foreign technological monopoly

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