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The new generation of selfie photography artifact, which is a real pocket UAV

almost everyone owns. Whether you will often pick up selfies, drones are also very common in life. It can also be used for photography. However, the UAV we introduced today can be widely accepted and used by people. Why is this? Because its design is smaller and its operation is simpler, it is railselfie 2

the main material is aluminum alloy. It is internally equipped with a 12million pixel sensor and an 81 degree wide-angle lens. The overall quality is only 803 grams. For those who love self photography, it is definitely an excellent choice. It can shoot from high altitude, with a maximum flight height of 50 meters and a duration of 5 minutes each time. When using it, it needs to be connected with wif, and the captured materials will automatically expand the storage during the continuous selection experiment

in addition, it also has three modes. The first is the beginner mode. As the name suggests, it is suitable for beginners to use, and this process does not require you to operate too much. Most of the work is done by the UAV itself. The intermediate and advanced modes require more operations, but the effect of shooting is sure to be better. 1 Select a suitable clamp and install it on the tension machine. It is advisable to conduct a pre experiment to confirm the most suitable clamp and clamp type. Although it has many advantages, it still has some defects. When it runs fast, the captured image may be unstable. Even so, its novel design concept, small size and powerful functions are pursued and loved by many people

it is also popular for people to use it to take selfies, and it has also opened up a quite broad market with its own characteristics

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