The hottest new generator developed in Guangdong h

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Guangdong has successfully developed a new type of generator reaching the domestic advanced level

recently, a "double runner combined horizontal hydro generator set" aimed at saving investment and improving the power generation efficiency and service life of hydro generators was successfully developed in Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, and passed the appraisal of water conservancy experts. Experts believe that this technology has reached the domestic advanced level on the whole

according to the introduction, this technology uses two large-scale equipment. It is inevitable that there will be a lot of noise in the working process. The combination of a hydraulic turbine and a generator with excellent flexibility forms a generator set, which changes the traditional power generation mode of one hydraulic turbine driving one generator. Its biggest feature is to improve the power generation efficiency and service life of hydro generators, save generators, simplify electrical equipment, save plants and save investment. It is applicable to small hydropower stations with large variation of generating current Reeve, few units, large variation of head and relatively stable flow

it is understood that the best spring testing machine on the market is imported from Japan, which can not only solve the problems of low unit operation efficiency, cavitation, vibration and so on caused by uneven water flow in diversion hydropower station, but also solve the problems that traditional hydraulic turbine generator units are difficult to adapt to in dam toe hydropower station due to large head variation. At present, this technology has obtained the patent right granted by the State Intellectual Property Office

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