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Areva: go to the international market with Chinese friends


following the French electric power company PP belt tensile testing machine D1 - the average thickness of the test piece before the experiment is a test film material testing instrument, the company recently signed a cooperation framework agreement with China Nuclear Power Group and China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group on entering the international market, andreon, President of Areva China, also said in a speech on May 18, We hope to jointly develop the international market with Chinese nuclear power enterprises

andron said that Areva plays an important role in the global nuclear industry, with a consolidated net income of 552million euros in 2009, and will continue to enhance its international influence in the future. EPR reactor is the main reactor type that Areva has launched into the market, and is currently under construction in Finland, France and China. At the same time, AREVA is looking for opportunities in the United States, Britain and India

referring to the EPR project under construction in Finland, which is composed of long-chain polymers, andron said that 99.5% of the construction work of the project will be completed by the end of this year, and it is expected to be completed and put into operation in 2012. Since defeating South Korea in the Middle East market, AREVA has been looking for partners while reflecting on itself. After the export of Korean nuclear power, the Chinese nuclear power enterprises that were encouraged became the objects that Areva wanted to unite

I believe that no matter how excellent Areva is, it is difficult to succeed in the international market by itself. Andelong said that I went to the site of Taishan EPR project three times and saw that the equipment and methods used in China's nuclear power construction were very advanced, and I learned a lot. I have also talked with the staff of Westinghouse, and they have the same feeling in the construction of AP1000 project

andron said that Areva would have a better chance of winning the international bidding if it could cooperate with Chinese nuclear power enterprises. Therefore, AREVA hopes to cooperate with more Chinese enterprises. It is understood that in addition to long-term cooperation with CGNPC, AREVA also has cooperation projects with CGNPC that are being promoted

we should not only build nuclear power plants in China with Chinese friends, but also build nuclear power plants outside China with Chinese friends. Andron said

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