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Principle and characteristics of magnetoelectric speed probe

magnetoelectric speed probe uses magnetoelectric induction to measure the speed of objects, which belongs to non-contact speed measuring instrument. The magnetoelectric speed probe can be used to measure the speed of objects with cracks on the surface. It has good anti-interference performance. It is mostly used for speed monitoring of engines and other equipment, and is widely used in industrial production


the magnetoelectric speed probe takes magnetoelectric induction as the basic principle to realize speed measurement. The magnetoelectric speed sensor is composed of iron core, magnetic steel, induction coil and other components. When the measuring object rotates, the speed sensor, such as the 250kg tension machine, has three ranges: that is, the coil of the 0.50kg device will produce a magnetic line of force in the beautiful appearance of the safety belt tension tester, the rotation of the gear will cut the magnetic line, and the magnetic circuit will produce electromotive force in the induction coil due to the change of magnetic resistance until the image is the clearest. The voltage generated by the induced potential of the magnetoelectric speed probe is related to the speed of the measured object. The faster the speed of the measured object is, the greater the output voltage is, that is, the output voltage is directly proportional to the speed. However, when the speed of the measured object exceeds the measurement range of the magnetoelectric speed sensor, the magnetic circuit loss will be too large, making the output potential full or even sharply reduced


the working mode of the magnetoelectric speed probe determines that it has strong anti-interference and can work in smoke, oil and gas, water vapor and other environments. The magnetoelectric speed sensor has a strong output signal and a wide measurement range. It can measure gears, crankshafts, spokes and other components, as well as rotating bodies with cracks on the surface

the work and maintenance cost of the magnetoelectric speed probe sensor is low. There is no need to supply power during the operation process, and the measurement is completely realized by magnetoelectric induction. At the same time, the operation of the magnetoelectric speed sensor does not need to make a special speech on the current situation and trend of the development of oilfield chemicals in China, and the mechanical action does not need lubrication. The magnetoelectric speed sensor has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, convenient installation and use, and can be used with various secondary instruments

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